5 3D Printing Benefits You May Not Know About

5 3D Printing Benefits You May Not Know About


5 3D Printing Benefits You May Not Know About


3D printing can be defined as the process of making three-dimensional objects from a digital file. A person who might have never been exposed to this technology may think it is impossible to sketch on paper and make it come to life in 3D form. However, 3D printers allow this by building up layers of molten plastic that stick together to form a solid object. 3D printing works on a visualization principle, which makes it possible to come up with architectural models and 3D printed art. 3D printing has revolutionized the world of printing and here are some of the benefits you may not have known.

1) Cutting Costs

3D printing considerably reduces costs. In an industrial setting, more energy is needed to create different parts. However, the advent of 3D printers increases efficiency since many different parts are created in one step and promptly. 3D printing also removes the need for too much labor as it was seen in traditional manufacturing. 3D printers only require the attention of one operator to start the automated process.

There are nine types of 3D printers available currently, all of which vary in size, speed, and accuracy. An individual prospecting to venture into the 3D printing industry can find it confusing when choosing the most suitable printer. Fortunately, websites such as iO3DPrint give detailed reviews of different types of 3D printers to help you distinguish them and pick the one that you find the most convenient.

2) Faster Than Placing Orders

A good 3D printer can take about three hours to print a standard object. This is much faster as compared to ordering from a shipping company. When objects like door handles break, you might consider 3D printing them rather than ordering because it is more time efficient.

3) Creating Unusual Objects

With a 3D printer, you can make weird stuff that you thought could only be acquired by buying. A controversial object that can be 3D printed is a usable gun. However, printing one can be a legal issue if you do not acquire a license. It is also possible to ride a car that has been 3D printed. It is usable, and the process of doing it is fast and easy.

4) Promotes Environmental Sustainability

3D printing can have environmental benefits. Having 3D printers in homes reduces the need for making shipping orders for products on demand, which reduces fuel emissions. Recycling is also possible with 3D printing. A failed 3D print can be shredded and melted back into a new filament spool. In the future, the 3D printing industry will have the capability to look for non-plastic alternatives that will be used when creating 3D printed products.

5) Customizable

3D printing enables you to make your products more personalized rather than sticking to fixed product designs in the market. For example, you can design a unique flower vase that meets all your preferred features in size, shape, and patterns rather than looking for something close to what you want at the store.

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