5 Things You Need to Know About College Sports Scholarships

5 Things You Need to Know About College Sports Scholarships


5 Things You Need to Know About College Sports Scholarships


Parents always want to see the best in their children. Therefore, when you see your child has unique skills in sports, your best encouragement trick is to assure them that they might secure college sports scholarship if only they keep working on their skills. However, there are a lot of opportunities to get benefit except the easiest sport to get a scholarship. With the help of studyhippo.com, you can send your essay examples and secure a college opportunity through games. However, that is not enough to get you where you want to be in the future. Amid all misinformation about sports scholarships, this blog will speak of five things you must know about getting a scholarship.

The Odds Are Remote

There are few college athletic scholarships available for both divisions I and II sports. If for examples one million boys play football in high school, only about 19, 000 will secure scholarships. Although there are over 600,000 girls who compete in field and track during high school years, only about 4,500 will get a scholarship. It is vital to choose the best sport for women’s college scholarships to show perfect results. The odds, therefore, are not determined with a base on the number of sports people but rather on the number of slots available. With these odds, concentrating on sports mainly might put one off from getting the chance even if they are useful in a particular game. Additionally, if a student has added abilities in writing college essays on top of their sporting skills, they stand a better chance to get the scholarship.

It Does Not Cover Everything

Colleges will not pay for all learning expenses for students who join through scholarships for sport. The money they give depends on the type of sports a particular student participates. There are those that receive more money than others depending on college expectations. Therefore, as a parent, it is always good to have other plans on how to raise money that will keep your child in school. After getting the first spot of joining college and tuition fee is paid, it becomes your responsibility to ensure you pay for accommodation and other expenses for your child to have a comfortable stay within the college.

Market Yourself

There are dozens of others who are good at the same sport as you. Unless you are a superstar and your talent is on the next level, college coaches don’t know a thing about you. Therefore, if you choose to sit back and wait for them to come looking for you that is a dream that might not come true. Instead of waiting for colleges to discover your existence and talents, start by sending emails to colleges where you would like to join.

In the email, include information that will introduce you to the coaches and show your skills in respective fields. Therefore, indicate which sports you play, your position and academic performance. This information will make it easy for the school to find you and consider giving the scholarship to you when that time comes.

Use YouTube

Another best way of ensuring that coaches get to know you and your set of skills is through sharing your videos on social platforms. YouTube and other social networks; however, don’t require you to have professional videos for you to upload. Once you get a friend on the other side of the camera, you can comfortably record a short video and upload it where coaches can access it faster. Additionally, videos on YouTube appear to be more professional than sending mere tapes/videos to random coaches. However, when you upload your skills on social networks, your email will be short and direct while the link you send will help keep it professional and detailed.

Additionally, you don’t have to consider hiring a professional trainer for your work to be significant. When you have raw talent, college trainers will have an idea of where to start in case they see your skills relevant to what they are looking for in a player.

It Isn’t Guaranteed

Getting that scholarship is not a direct ticket for your academic journey. For the student to continue enjoying the privileges that come with being in the sports industry, they must keep track and on their skills and renew the contract annually. College coaches will only go as far as signing athletes for their first year in school. However, it is the responsibility of the student to ensure that they continue receiving the money and the opportunity to play in the team. When you fail to renew the contract or miss improving your sporting tactics, you should start looking for other channels to pay for that tuition fee. Additionally, there is a fixed number of players that are needed for a particular game. Therefore, if you are not as competitive as others, you are likely to watch that chance slip off your hands.


So, there is so much more behind the assurance that scholarships for sport are available for students who have particular skills. Instead of keeping your budget strictly towards winning that scholarship, it is also good to work on your academics and have something that will help you maintain your ground while sports doesn’t go well. Additionally, remember that after school there is pretty much more to be done that games alone might not help you achieve.

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