How Do Soccer Fans React to Gambling Company Sponsorship?

How Do Soccer Fans React to Gambling Company Sponsorship?


How Do Soccer Fans React to Gambling Company Sponsorship?


The growth of the Soccer League in the UK has been accompanied by a proliferation of gambling marketing. This global betting brand has dominated the Premier League in terms of sponsorship deals and today, more than fifty percent of the clubs cooperate with the companies. In this alliance, the bookmaker brand’s name logo will be seen on the clubs’ shirts and cover their home and away kits.

The soccer enthusiasts have their opinions concerning this influence of the gambling sponsorship on soccer clubs. Some criticize and worry about the different problems of gambling. However, others think that these two sectors are connected since both are forms of entertainment which can provide enjoyment. How these fans react to gambling firm sponsorship?

It’s Okay: Soccer Can’t Survive Without these Companies

While sport and gambling were controversial before, they are becoming linked today. With the various types of casino games existed both online and offline, this field is getting increasingly popular and has attracted sports fan as well. These aficionados are engaging with another kind of distraction that the gambling field has brought about. For them, safe online casino provides more fun and thrill to the soccer. In fact, if you bet in the game, it is more interesting and exciting. These two intense sensations won’t be evoked while you watch a sport without wagering on it.

This generation of sports audience is no longer simply satisfied with sport; they want to add a bit spice to the competition and tournament. Apart from the exciting and exhilarating, mind that the gambling industry is booming with continued revue so cooperating with them will be beneficial to the soccer clubs. With the worldwide online gamblers who visit the internet casinos, the clubs will certainly grow and reach the international fan base.

It Causes Child Gambling Problems

The target audience of the soccer is the males in all ages. Mind that the children are much more likely to be the avid soccer fans as the adults. The clubs sell kits to them with the gambling firms advert like the replica shirts. Many children are, thus, wearing these replica soccer kits bearing the gambling or betting publicities. As a result, the impact of the gambling companies sporting clubs is marketing successful but reveals gambling issues on the kids.

As children are watching and learning, they are being influenced by sports betting and any other forms of gambling. These activities are affecting the lives of these vulnerable and minor fans that will be quickly turning into an addiction for some. Too many minors are hooked on this field who spend more time and money on it. They, thus, start stealing and meet problems bundled with other mood disorders.

It Contradicts Religious Beliefs

Apart from the sources of many issues to the children, some soccer fans think that cooperating with the gambling firm is a real contradiction of their religious beliefs. Gambling is an activity mostly based on the chance that evidently represents risks to the gamblers so it is a religious denial to some of the audiences.

According to the religious views, gambling is the source of many problems that will lead to family destruction. Frequenting as well as participating in gambling is forbidden. Usually, people who enjoy this activity spend too much money and time. Hence, gambling is considered to be immoral and will never be acceptable in their community.


The strength of the gambling market has attracted over half of the soccer teams to partner with it. They have become entwined with these companies giving a real health to their respective businesses. These operators have shown really adept at choosing the clubs that are followed by the mainstream in order to reach their goals. Even though the marriage between these two sides has often led to mutual great success, the fanatics have different views. In sum, the gambling sector faces challenges to grow and it is proved with the several shirt sponsorships in soccer.

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