Why Boxing Is Not a High School Sport?

Why Boxing Is Not a High School Sport?


Why Boxing Is Not a High School Sport?


Are you wondering why boxing is not a high school sport? Then you are on the right page. Most people believe that boxing should be considered as an extra-curricular activity in many schools. After all, it is a kind of sport that promotes physical activity just like basketball or football.

Interestingly enough, boxing is not included in this list.  If you want to know the reasons why students are being encouraged to train with a quality boxing bag, then here are a few of them.

Reasons why Boxing is Not a High School Sport

-Students become Too Tired

-Their Faces Can be Too Swollen

-Students can Be Knocked Out

-They can Experience a Lot of Bodyaches

-Have Earaches, Bodyaches, and Everything Else

-Have Difficulty Breathing

-Have Trouble Walking Afterward, and

-Slight Concussion in Some Occasions

Another reason why most high schools do not promote boxing is that they said that it can distract students from studying. They will just be focused on boxing and might not provide the level of study needed to graduate through high school.

Most parents and other students say that there are alternatives for this. There is case study help that students can get online in order to balance their boxing activities and their studying. Aside from this, a lot of schools offer flexible times when it comes to studying so that students can enjoy their school lives as much as possible.

If you are one of the many students who believe that boxing can benefit you and your fellow schoolmates, you might want to research on this subject thoroughly. There are links such as https://acasestudy.com/case-study-help/ that can provide you with an example on how to write your case so that the school administrators will get interested in it. There is study help online that will highlight the advantages and disadvantages of the boxing sport. You can get this help at the soonest possible time if you are on the right website.

Why Some Say that Boxing Should be Allowed

There is something alluring in football or rugby that makes students want to participate in them. Boxing presents this kind of allure as well. It is not as dangerous compared to football or other sports. There are rules and regulations that are in place because schools want to prioritize their students’ safety.

Students should be made aware of the risks that are involved in boxing. If they find sports fun, they should be allowed to compete in it. There’s no reason why a school should prohibit boxing if the students love what they are doing and the sport can help them improve their self-esteem.

Aside from this, boxing promotes discipline and self-defense. There are a lot of students who will not be bullied in school because they know how to protect themselves. On the same tone, boxing, like other martial arts, promotes the act of self-control. This does not mean that students who are in the boxing club have the right to bully others in the school. This sport portrays students in a professional manner and most instructors want their apprentice to focus on self-control. Boxing is a great sport that promotes self-defense and the ability to focus 100% on your opponent. They can apply these skills in the real world.


Whether boxing should be or should not be allowed in schools, only time can tell. There are a lot of pros and cons when it comes to boxing. School administrators should get competent trainers that promote self-discipline and self-control to their students in order for this sport to succeed.

For some, boxing glamorizes punching others and getting injuries. However, this is not the case for all. Most people would quit boxing if they know that it is dangerous and it does not have any merit. Students have the right to choose whether they will enter this sport or not. As long as they are made aware of the possible risks and injuries that they can get from boxing, then there should not be any problems.

Finally, there are a lot of skills that new boxing recruits can learn especially from great mentors. They will be able to practice self-discipline and self-control in their lives. Sure, there might be parents who do not like the idea of their children getting hurt while they are at school. However, there are rules and regulations in place that can assure them that their children are in good hands. No school will want to ruin their reputations just because of a single boxing match. There are advantages and disadvantages out there that boxing can provide in schools.

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