Hypothetical: If Arizona does pass on Kyler Murray, how far could he fall?

Hypothetical: If Arizona does pass on Kyler Murray, how far could he fall?

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Hypothetical: If Arizona does pass on Kyler Murray, how far could he fall?


When Arizona hired Kliff Kingsbury to be their head coach, they did so with the intent of changing their franchise.

Enter the number one overall draft pick and a quarterback that Kingsbury absolutely loves, in fact loves so much, he said this:

Kingsbury said that prior to even taking the head gig at Arizona.  And now, one year later, here he is, with a chance to get Murray first overall in Thursday’s draft.

That is of course, unless he chooses to stay with last year’s first round pick, quarterback Josh Rosen, drafted 10th overall.

Rosen showed flashes of being a decent quarterback in his rookie season, and in the right system, he’s going to be really good.  Problem is of course, with a new head coach, there’s a very real possibility that Rosen could be on the out and Murray taking over this upcoming season.

However, should Rosen stay in Arizona, then what happens to Murray?  How far does he fall?

Between picks four and 17 of the first round, there are roughly six franchises that could be eyeing a quarterback- they include the Raiders, Bengals, Broncos, Redskins, Giants, and Dolphins.

At this point, because of the hesitation of possibly taking a quarterback who stands roughly 5’10, and comes from an offense that helped Baker Mayfield win the Heisman Trophy the year before, Murray could end up sliding all the way from 1st overall, to perhaps even the final pick of the 1st round.

It sounds crazy, but anything is possible right now.  Murray both fits, and in a lot of ways, doesn’t make sense for some of the teams listed. Do the Bengals and Raiders honestly need to go 1st round quarterback at this point?  I don’t believe they do, but it hasn’t stopped rumors of them showing interest in taking a signal caller in the first round.

On the other hand, Murray with the Giants or Redskins would be insanely interesting, especially in New York with running back Saquon Barkley, tight end Evan Engram, and wide receiver Sterling Shepard.

Murray with Denver would be fun, just to see what he could do with the Broncos running game and the setup of the play action.  Murray’s running ability would bring back memories of John Elway using his legs to keep drives alive, plus, seeing Murray versus Patrick Mahomes twice a year would be instant prime-time television.

Murray in the AFC East with Miami would give the entire division, minus the Patriots, a complete youth movement.  Josh Allen in Buffalo, Sam Darnold in New York, and Murray in Miami, would signal a changing of the guard in the division.

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At the same time, imagine a situation where Murray falls all the way to Green Bay at 30, or even the Patriots at 32.

It could happen.  Then again, the Cardinals could just take Murray at one, and all this means nothing.

We’ll find out in just a couple of hours from now, until then, the speculation continues as to where, or how far Kyler Murray will fall, if he does at all.

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