Lou Gorman Profile - Part 4

Lou Gorman Profile - Part 4

Red Sox

Lou Gorman Profile - Part 4


(July 1988)

“The negative criticism began to affect (John) McNamara, and he gradually withdrew from the media..I was in (his) office at one point after a ballgame… and as McNamara came out of the shower to dress, I noticed his entire body was covered with red blotches. I asked Mac whether he had the mumps or an infection-he indicated he had neither. I began to realize that it was probably the effect of the stress and constant media criticism.”
(at the All-Star break, Jean Yawkey called a meeting of Gorman, John Harrington, and Haywood Sullivan. After a bit of discussion, Mrs Y indicated they had to make a change….Sullivan indicated that, as an old friend, he would like to break the news to McNamara first)
“Before I began to talk to him, he looked up and said, among other things. ‘Lou, I know you were always in my corner and I thank you for your support and the opportunity to manage the Red Sox..He shook my hand and said ‘Let’s always stay in touch”
Despite McNamara’s reputation as being somewhat abrasive, Gorman always had positive words for him.
-Mike Passanisi

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