2019 eSports Betting Guide for Beginners: Things to Consider

2019 eSports Betting Guide for Beginners: Things to Consider


2019 eSports Betting Guide for Beginners: Things to Consider


You may be aware of the advent of eSports and how mainstream it has become. Competitive gamers take on their rivals as individuals or teams in tournaments that have varying stakes. Each match is viewed by many fans around the world, both in person and online, who cheer their favorite squads to victory.

Players and viewers are not the only groups of people who stand to gain from eSports, however, as sponsors and betters invest into the industry for their own reasons. If you are reading this guide, chances are you are more interested in eSports betting than you are in sponsoring events or players. If that is so and you are thinking of doing some gambling in the industry, this guide lays out the most important considerations for doing so.

Find a Reputable Website for Your Betting

This one can not be emphasized enough as your site selection can make or break your betting experience. Some may argue that selecting a game (the following step) needs to be done prior to this one.

Locating the site first is encouraged as it can assist you in the process of choosing your game as you can do so based on factors such as historical performance and availability.

Apart from the game, there are some considerations to be made where the site itself is concerned. These are:

  • Legal concerns – This is one of the most important as the last thing you want is to be caught on the wrong side of the law simply because you were trying to have some fun gambling. Depending on your country or region, gambling may be illegal altogether or within certain areas. Ensure to do research on the law in your area and ensure you are permitted to engage in betting before doing so. In many countries, though gambling locally is restricted, using sites that are based in other regions is an accepted practice.
  • Transaction options – Ensure you find out if funds can flow both ways between you and the site based on the transaction options available. For example, if PayPal is available to you as a payment method, but none of your local banks can link to PayPal, then you still need to find a withdrawal method. Ensure you can both wager and receive funds with no hassle.
  • Site Rules – Many betting sites have their own rules that apply in addition to those that are imposed by the law. Ensure you read, understand, and are comfortable with these before proceeding.

One site you may consider as a gambler is mid.bet. The site is user friendly, provides multiple payment/withdrawal options and covers a good base of video games. You can check odds, view twitch livestreams, and whenever you are comfortable, you can place a bet.

Note, however, that while you can have a look at odds on the site, it is recommended to use a site that is dedicated to odds to review them as those sites have the most current updates. While odds are not the exclusive method for placing informed bets, if they are not a big part of your betting decision, then you may be doing something wrong.

Choose Your Game Wisely

Your choice of game is of utmost importance considering you are making the decision to invest a lot of your time and money into it in the future. Though you may be good at multitasking, it is recommended to choose a single game in the initial stages of your eSports betting career. While statistics and odds do go a long way in betting decisions, there is no replacement for understanding the game.

Some games such as League of Legends (LoL) have many elements that require focus to understand. To the uninitiated, it looks as if there are way too many things happening on the screen at once in a LoL match. Other games such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) can be understood at the basic level from a first glance.

The betting site you chose has a list of games and is bound to include titles such as Dota 2, LoL, CSGO, Call of Duty, and Starcraft II. These games make up over 60 percent of the betting scene currently. If eSports gambling is to pay off for you, the game you choose must be one that is at the center of the betting scene.

Research the premise of the games that pique your interest so you can choose one that appeals to you. This way, you are guaranteed to have more interest in and fun with what goes on in livestreams, as opposed to just sitting and hoping for a win in each match you bet on.

Get Acquainted with the Players and Teams

This is not always done in eSports betting, which is mind-boggling when you consider that it is done in almost every other form of sports betting. It is unlikely that someone bets on the Golden State Warriors in the NBA without knowing who Andre Iguodala is. Though he is one of the less popular players, people want to know who they are putting their money behind.

Apply this logic to your eSports betting as well and ensure you know the team and the players you are betting on. Additionally, familiarize yourself with the other teams in the league to have a better understanding of the matchups before placing any bets.

Other Notable Considerations to Make

Apart from those three main considerations, here are a few others that can help you to make the best betting choices:

  • Learn new game strategies as they emerge;
  • Bet within your budget and ensure you are not placing yourself in debt;
  • Keep track of your results and ensure you learn from both your wins and losses;
  • Try to avoid best of one (BO1) matches as there is a heightened level of unpredictability attached.


Now that you know what to consider, the answer to the question of how to go about eSports betting is no longer unclear. Get your research done, be careful, and go get started.

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