Best Electric Cars of 2019

Best Electric Cars of 2019


Best Electric Cars of 2019


“The demand for electric cars is gradually growing, so new and improved electrified transport appears in the world markets. In many ways, this can be explained by the constant rise in fuel prices. And since electricity is still more affordable, the relevance of buying electric cars increases.” – James Smith, BestArny.

Many people do not know how to choose the right e-car and when to stop. After all, the range is constantly expanding, and it is not always possible to understand in detail the features of each model. It is important to note that this rating of the best electric cars in the world includes the ones that combine an attractive price and excellent features. Therefore, there will be no excessively expensive e-cars which most buyers simply can not afford.

Selection Recommendations

Before proceeding directly to the representatives of the rating, it is worthwhile to study in more detail the question of choosing an electrified car. Since for many countries and cities, it is a novelty, it is not always worth buying such a vehicle even with great desire and opportunities.

Experts recommend paying attention to a few key points.

  • Infrastructure. An electric car requires a place where you can charge the batteries. The most obvious solution is to install a charging station in your own house or garage. But not everybody has such an opportunity. Therefore, it is important to find out about the availability of local filling stations for e-cars in your city. Preferably not far from your place.

And when searching for charging stations not only their location plays a big role, but also the power, limitations for different e-cars and the cost of maintenance.

  • New versus used. If the infrastructure gives you the opportunity to operate an e-car without any problems, then you should move on to the question of choice. As regular combustion engine cars, new and used e-cars are available on the market.

Audi E-Tron. Super Crossover

This car was expected to be launched in 2018. But production difficulties forced the manufacturer to postpone the release a little bit. According to the developers, this e-car is a reliable representative of the premium class. The declared power provided by the 95 kWh battery was a pleasant surprise. This car is equipped with a unique battery that can support 150 kW charging.

Ionity network stations are designed for this level of power. A number of companies, besides Audi, are working on its creation, among which there are also Porsche, BMW, Ford, and even Daimler. These stations will allow you to achieve full battery charge in just half an hour. The car will be able to overcome 400 km on a single charge.

The minimum cost is at $74,800.


QC from Mercedes-Benz. Premium SUV Cars Leader

This model can boldly lead the rating of the best e-cars of 2019. The manufacturer announced the rage of over 450 km. This mileage was calculated according to NEDC standards which assume a speed of 50 km/h. Hence, we conclude that in fact, it will be possible to drive from 370 to 400 km on a single charge. This power reserve is the norm for e-cars.

The Mercedes-Benz crossover is equipped with a battery that distributes power to two asynchronous motors. The total power is 300 kW which is equal to 408 horses. The maximum speed is 180 km/h, and acceleration up to a 100 is achieved in 5.1 seconds. Impressive, isn’t it?

Onboard charging is equipped with water cooling with 7.4 kW power. This system can be connected to the fast charging stations I mentioned above. Sales of this e-car have not yet started, but the approximate cost is already known – it will vary within $70,000.


Kia NIRO EV. City Crossover

The compact electrified crossover is equipped with a lithium polymer battery with a capacity of 64 kWh. On one full charge, it will be possible to drive within 400 km. These characteristics refer to the maximum extended version and, accordingly, the most expensive. Basic equipment corresponds to more modest parameters: the range of 240 km and battery power of 39 kWh.

The cost of this e-car will start from $40,000.

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