Want Your Child to be a Good Baseball Player? Here is What You Should be Doing!

Want Your Child to be a Good Baseball Player? Here is What You Should be Doing!


Want Your Child to be a Good Baseball Player? Here is What You Should be Doing!


Are you a huge baseball freak, the one who can drop an important appointment to watch a baseball match? Or a baseball lover who can hit the road happily for 7 hours from Los Angeles to San Francisco just to watch a baseball match at AT&T Park stadium. And on top of all this, if you are also a diehard Mike Trout fan, then things might be pretty serious in your head.

There is a high probability that you want to make one of your child a baseball player. Not only a baseball player but a whole new Mike Trout!

And why not? Who doesn’t want to be the parent of the next Mike Trout? But only dreaming won’t do it; however, efforts can. So if you will put the right efforts to turn your dream into reality, then things can work. After all, Mike Trout is also a human, though you might think otherwise.

Here is what you should be doing to pursue your cherished dream – dreams do come true!

Start Earlier, not Later:

If you think you can start training your child after they turn in their high school, then your plans are not in line with your dreams. You should start from their earlier age, four or five to be more precise. Obviously, you can’t expect them to hit a smashing hit at this age. But make them familiar with the game, introduce baseball bat, ball, kit, and set-up backyard batting cages for practice.

Join School Baseball Team:

Make them join the school baseball team so that they not only get familiar with the sport but also start developing professional skills. Along with know-how of game, they also need to learn other professional attributes of patience, teamwork, tolerance, and sportsman spirit.

Practice Along:

Here is your opportunity to show the years of knowledge you have gathered about baseball until now. Practice along with the kid! It will not only give him more practice but will also let you know the status of your child’s training. You can also identify areas where you need to put more efforts on your kid.

Pay Attention to Physical Fitness:

Baseball needs a lot of physical strength. You cannot hit a smashing hit with the flick of the finger. You should have strong muscles and energy. So it is better to pay attention to the diet and other physical activities to make him strong.

Praise them Wisely:

You should praise your child wisely. It is just like adding the right amount of sugar! Not too much praise that he stops improving themselves. Not too little praise that he feels discouraged. For this, you also need to work on your reactions so that you can know the best reaction in a given situation.

Hard work always pays off, and if it doesn’t, then it pays off in some other ways. It never goes in vain! In case you are not able to turn your child in next Mike Trout, then it is alright. Baseball is neither the beginning of the world nor its end. Maybe your child is not meant to be Mike Trout, but Newton. Or Paulo Coelho. Or maybe his own kind of amazing person!


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