'Game of Thrones' author George RR Martin blasts Giants over draft fails

'Game of Thrones' author George RR Martin blasts Giants over draft fails


'Game of Thrones' author George RR Martin blasts Giants over draft fails


New York Giants general manager Dave Gettleman has drawn a lot of criticism for how he’s handled the team’s rebuild during this offseason.

The Giants elected to trade away their best skill player in Odell Beckham Jr., although they did get a solid return for him. As such, that placed a lot of pressure on the front office/coaching staff to have a good draft.

And while it’s still too early to grade the Giants’ draft, to see how some of their early-round picks will develop, we can still take a look at their selections, in relation to everyone else’s. And on that subject, it does appear as if the Giants may have reached a bit in taking quarterback Daniel Jones with the sixth overall pick. New York could’ve possibly traded down and still got their guy. Even “Game of Thrones” author George R.R. Martin teed off on Gettleman and Co. on his website.

Daniel Jones from Duke at number six? Yes, they need a young quarterback to groom as Eli’s successor. But Dwayne Haskins was right there. Why not him? I don’t follow college ball, but by every measurable Haskins is way better than Jones. Jones threw 52 TDs in three years at Duke, Haskins threw 50 in one year at Ohio State. Within fewer interceptions. Against much tougher opposition. Dave Gettleman must have seen something in Jones that no one else could see. But even if you accept that, taking him at six seems insane. He would have been there at 17. Why not take Josh Allen or one of the other defensive studs at 6, and Jones at 17? Makes much more sense. Who else was going to nab him? The Skins? The Skins preferred Haskins, that was common knowledge. Everyone in the world except the G-Men preferred Haskins, so far as I can see.

Not sure how he knew “everyone” preferred Haskins, but he’s entitled to our opinion. We personally like Jones over Haskins, but do agree that the Giants could’ve moved down and still got their guy.

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