How to Watch Wimbledon Championship if You're Out of Europe This July

How to Watch Wimbledon Championship if You're Out of Europe This July


How to Watch Wimbledon Championship if You're Out of Europe This July


Tennis buffs are eagerly waiting for the beginning of this year’s Wimbledon Championship. As always, the biggest fans will flock to the All England Club in Wimbledon, London, where the Grand Slam has been held since 1877. Many others will watch matches on TV or stream them online.

Here’s a short guide on how to do that if you’re out of Europe this July.

When Is Wimbledon Championship 2019?

This year, Wimbledon will start on the 1st of July (Monday). The Championships will last for two whole weeks and end on the 14th of July (Sunday).

Dedicated fans will most likely watch the qualifying matches from 25th to 28th of June as well. But the majority of us will tune in to see two key events – Women’s Singles Final on the 13th of July (Saturday) and Men’s Singles Final on the 14th of July, followed by the closing ceremony.

Where to Watch Wimbledon Championship on TV?

Because Wimbledon is all about keeping the tradition going, this year’s matches will be broadcast to the UK audiences by the BBC. Both BBC1 and BBC2 will be covering the tournament from Centre Court and the rest of the All England Club throughout the Championships. But the BBC will be only one of around 80 broadcasters on site.

In case you find yourself outside of the UK, you’ll be able to watch The Championships on national TV networks across the world. The list of certified broadcasters from all seven continents has already been published on the official Wimbledon website. But bear in mind that you’ll be listening to non-English commentators. Moreover, not all regional channels outside of the UK will show all matches.

Where to Stream Wimbledon Championship Online?

The British Broadcasting Corporation also offers 15 live streams of the entire tournament online. Unfortunately, the content, along with special perks like highlights, live updates, commentary, and analysis,  will remain for viewers outside of the UK.

Like with TV, there is a list of online streaming services that traditionally cover Wimbledon matches and will continue to do so in 2019. In the US, for example, this honor belongs to ESPN and the Tennis Channel. Other broadcasters include Sling TV, Hulu, and YouTube TV. However, these streaming services are not free.

Another problem is that Wimbledon content is not available in all countries even if the streaming service is. With some of these platforms, spectators will be able to stream only the main events. In the majority of cases, they won’t be able to access them either.   

How Can I Watch and Stream Wimbledon 2019 Outside of Europe?

Most regional TV channels outside of Europe will broadcast only a limited number of Wimbledon matches. For those who are interested in semifinals and finals from the main categories and don’t mind listening to commentaries in a foreign language, this level of coverage will suffice. Presuming, of course, that they’ll have access to TV in the first place.

Everyone else will have to rely on their smartphones and computers to stream The Championships online. Spectators from the US will have more luck than others, as Wimbledon matches won’t get geo-blocked on popular US-based online streaming services.

How to Unlock Geo-Blocked Wimbledon Content?

There is only one way to stream Wimbledon 2019 in geo-blocked countries – use a virtual private network (VPN). Users have to make sure to get a VPN that works in the UK to circumvent geo-restrictions and unlock Wimbledon live streams. This applies to both BBC iPlayer and other leading platforms.

A virtual private network bypasses geo-restrictions by masking a user’s IP address and dedicating a different one to their device. For example, a Wimbledon spectator can be currently located in Tokyo, but appear as they were watching online streams from Liverpool.

When choosing a VPN for streaming Wimbledon matches, you need to pay attention to the features it offers. Not all virtual private networks can bypass certain geo-restrictions – before you commit to one, you need to make sure that it’s capable of unlocking Wimbledon content.

With some tennis experts already throwing money on Novak Djokovic, others are betting on Zverev and Del Potro. One thing is certain, though – this year’s Wimbledon will be one to remember for years to come. So wherever you are, stay tuned.

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