WWE Reportedly Paying An 'Undercard' Superstar $500,000 To Stay Away From AEW


WWE Reportedly Paying An 'Undercard' Superstar $500,000 To Stay Away From AEW

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WWE Reportedly Paying An 'Undercard' Superstar $500,000 To Stay Away From AEW


With AEW being hyped as the new big promotion to be a possible competition with WWE, there is talk of Vince McMahon being worried about losing talent to AEW who claim to be unhappy with their position in the company. Now, those rumors might be facts.

According to the International Business Times, WWE Hall Of Famer and AEW roster member Jim Ross commented that Vince McMahon is actually doing all he can to make sure he does not lose any of his talent so they can join All Elite Wrestling.

Ross was on Busted Open Radio where he would comment on if AEW could be a threat to the WWE. He would reveal that Vince was supportive in his decision to join AEW and was certain that McMahon would not be worried about AEW’s “financial clout.” However, Ross admitted on the show that McMahon does have concerns about the company losing talent to AEW.

Ross revealed that he asked about the availability of an “undercard” WWE talent, but says that he was immediately shut down by the company. He would then state that WWE apparently signed the talent to a new 500,000 dollar deal to prevent him from jumping ship to the other promotion. Here were his actual comments from the show:

“I asked about an undercard guy in WWE that helps the other guys learn and they said he was not available because he just signed a new WWE deal for $500K. Not because he would be used but just to keep him off the streets.”

Photo: All Elite Wrestling

With Vince McMahon doubling down on his talent to prevent them from wanting to quit, it looks to be a sign that the WWE is doing everything to make sure their talent is happy and are indeed worried about how successful AEW might potentially become. AEW will have their first live event Double Or Nothing on May 25th at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas and it will give us a first glimpse into the company’s ability to compete against the WWE.

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