Tiger Woods – The God of Golf

Tiger Woods – The God of Golf


Tiger Woods – The God of Golf


At 24, many people normally finishes their university studies, start looking for a job or maybe even have their first kids. Not Tiger Woods. At 24, he had amazingly amassed 21 professional tournaments to his belt.

At 21, he received the official title as “The World’s Best Golfer”. He held world ranking No.1 in 6 years from 1999 to 2004.

Back in 2000, Tiger won The Open with a margin of 15 strokes ahead of the opposition. (When does it stop being fun playing against this guy?)

However, in 2008, it started to go a bit sideways…

How did Tiger Woods return to Golf?

2008: Through his US Open victory 2008, Woods takes his 14th major title. He even does this 2 weeks after a knee surgery. 2 days after the tournament, he reveals that he is going to need another surgery and a longer rehabilitation period.

2009: Comeback No. 1! It does not last that long after non-golf scandals, involving affairs and wrongdoings, is on the FrontPage of every major newspaper. After a DUI, the pressure is building up and Tiger is declaring a timeout from Golf.

2010-2016: Tiger tries to return to golf early in April at the US Masters in 2010 and incredibly reaches a shared fourth place. After this, after losing sponsors and undergoing more surgeries – Tiger never really reaches his highs. After missing The Masters in 2014, he slowly fades away from the radar.

Tiger fails to clear the cut in 2 straight mayors, for the first time in his carrier.

2017: Injuries, injuries, injuries. After a fourth back surgery he manages to make a comeback in Hero World Challenge (which is a luxury Golf Resort in the Bahamas who is contributing a lot to the TGR foundation – read more about their 20th celebration here.

2018: In 2018, things start to happen and Tigers sets of on his way back to the top. The camps are divided on whether or not Tiger is going to make it all the way back to his former glory days. Tiger is, at this point, reluctant to make any big media appearances and keeps a pretty low profile.

He did, however, achieve a second place in the PGA, the last major of the year, and it becomes his best performance since 2009. 2018 really became Tigers “Comeback year” and he gets standing ovations when he enters the US Masters for the first time since 2015.

2019: “When all the headlines were made”. Tiger goes against all odds and silences the doubters by winning The Masters 2019 after an impressive last round at Augusta. With 2 birdies at 15 and 16 he could finally put on that green jacket and take his 15th major title.

One “Hot Topic” after his victory is which clubs he had been using. After Nike stop making clubs Tiger had to find a new home – and by the look of it, he have. Here is a great article by Pine Club Golf on Tiger Woods Golf Clubs – How Tiger won the Masters 2019

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