Top strategies for winning at Baccarat

Top strategies for winning at Baccarat


Top strategies for winning at Baccarat


Baccarat is a card game that has been established for a long time. It is pronounced “back a rat,” and has been played by and enjoyed by for many years. In the game, it is a game of comparison that takes place between two players – a player and the banker. Online baccarat in japan right here!

Before we look at some of the top strategies for winning a game Baccarat – let’s take a look at how one might go about playing Baccarat, and the general processes that take place during a typical play of the game.

First of all, the cards are dealt to the players by the dealer – unlike other games, these are dealt with the faces up instead of down. There are two cards dealt to the player and the banker. The value of the hand is then added, and whosoever hand is closest to the value of nine wins the game – it really is that simple! What’s even better – the winnings are double your bet, 2:1!

There are two different bets that you can place in a game of Baccarat – you can bet on either your own hand, or on the banker’s hand. If you are dealt hand that is greater than nice – i.e. it adds up to a value of double digits (ten or above) then the first digit of the number is removed and this is the value that is used. For example, if the cards of the payer added up to a value of thirteen, then the number three would be used for their play.

So, now that you know the rules of Baccarat and you have a general idea of how it works, let’s examine some of the top strategies that you can employ to better your chances of winning at Baccarat!

Make your first bet on the banker – as is the nature of gambling and most particularly in house casino gambling, the odds are stacked in favour of the house. The first bet that you make therefore when you get to the table should be on the banker – this will place you at a slightly better chance of starting off on the right foot.

Keep streaks – after you have made your first bet on the banker, should it win and you continue to win, keep this streak going for as long as you possibly can to maximise your winnings potential. Do not suddenly switch to betting on a different hand.

Do not, under any circumstances, make a tie bet –  fi you have even the slightest desire of becoming a good Baccarat player, you should absolutely never make a tie bet. A tie bet is fairly obvious, it is when a player bets that both the banker and player hand will be the same. However, due to the fact that the odds are stacked in favour of the house at a casino, this bet is an extremely bad one since it is massively in the favour of the casino. If you continue to make the dreaded tie bet at a casino, it is almost certain that you will lose money in the long term.

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