BREAKING: WWE Writer Reportedly Fired From Company

BREAKING: WWE Writer Reportedly Fired From Company

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BREAKING: WWE Writer Reportedly Fired From Company


The WWE Superstars haven’t been the only working group within the company that has been shaken up and changing. The WWE writers have also been the working group that the company has been changing on a consistent basis lately.

Reports from Fightful have emerged saying that the company has fired lead writer for Monday Night Raw, Ryan Callahan.

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Callahan had been with the company for several years and has a resume of show writing including The Bachelorette, The Bachelor, and Monster In Laws.

The reports of the firing have said that this was not a result of the declining viewership, storylines, or ratings. Instead, this was a result of an issue that Callahan has had with Dave Kapoor, who portrays Rajin Singh on WWE TV.

Kapoor spoke against Callahan, claiming that Callahan had taken the creative changes a little too personally as well as being difficult to work with and not setting a good example for the rest of the team.

Callahan was reportedly fired on Thursday, May 2nd. The reports have also noted that the two men have always been butting heads.

Things have really been shaken up on the writing side during this past year. The company earlier this year hired the wife of WWE Hall Of Famer The Ultimate Warrior, Dana Warrior. Road Dogg recently stepped down as the lead writer for SmackDown Live, RD Evans quit during the Hall Of Fame ceremony last month, Kazeem Famuyide was fired and Dave Schilling, who WWE hired but then ultimately fired him within a matter a months.

This comes at a interesting time as Raw’s ratings and viewerships have not been that stellar after WrestleMania 35. With the writing team being shaken up the way it has been for months, who knows what the company will do next to handle their team.

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