University of Illinois Hockey?

University of Illinois Hockey?

North Dakota

University of Illinois Hockey?


Last summer, this story popped up on the radar.

The Big Ten Hockey Conference needs an eighth team and there’s a chance they have one. According to a article, University of Illinois Athletic Director, Josh Whitman said that he hopes to green-light a program by the end of the calendar year. If the Illini added men’s hockey that would give the Big Ten the eight teams.

That would also put the UND to the Big Team to bed for good. Like I’ve said in the past, it’s not happening. It won’t ever happen.

Today, this story again picked up steam. Check it out. It would also give Illinois a Division I college hockey team.


If you hear something enough times, it has to be true, right? At least it gives us something to talk about during the summer months.

An eighth Big Ten hockey team would be a positive. I say the more the merrier.

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