9 best gaming keyboards of 2019

9 best gaming keyboards of 2019


9 best gaming keyboards of 2019


Do you know that your online gaming experience depends on the quality and functionality of peripherals like network adapters, headphones, keyboards and many more?  This article showcases a selection of the latest keyboards which suits the requirements of an online gamer the best.

Today, the traditional and friendly QWERTY keyboard is available in its updated versions in many forms and attractive colors. The market is full of plenty of options over a wide range of gaming keyboards which can enhance the quality of your gaming experience.  

What to look while selecting a gaming keyboard?

When deciding on what to choose, a keyboard’s color and layout are not the only criteria, but the type of keys also needs to be thought about.  Based on the budget planned, the type of keys can be selected from the available 2 variants:

  •    Membrane-based keyboard
  •    Mechanical keyboard

The difference between membrane based and mechanical keyboard lies in the construction of their keys. The keys in a mechanical keyboard are spring activated switches usually made of high quality. Whereas keys of a membrane keyboards get activated by the electrical contact which is laid in between the underlying circuits and the keyboard surface when we press the key top areas.

Membrane-based keyboards are more economic and affordable but do not have a long life which is the main advantage of a mechanical keyboard.


Now, let us walk through a wide range of latest designs of keyboards of 2019, each tailored uniquely to serve the user needs for providing the best gaming experience.

1.    Steel Series Apex 100

Let us first discuss the Apex 100 manufactured by the company, Steel Series. Steel Series, a popular name for all kinds of computer peripherals and accessories, is well known for headsets. The company’s products are the most liked by the gamers as the products are reliable and equipped with high-quality standards.

Its gaming keyboard is built with the mechanism of “quick tensions switches” which makes it not only look like a mechanical keyboard but also gives the user the same feel. This is a membrane-based keyboard which makes it the most economical of the keyboard series manufactured by Apex.


  •    LED backlight – Apex 100 is made available with a LED backlighting in blue. Though this effect seems very basic, it is provided with four levels of customization of brightness level and a couple of effects to choose from. The keys are not translucent making the purpose of backlight aesthetic.
  •    Quick tension switches – Though Apex 100 is a membrane-based keyboard, the mechanism of Quick tension switches incorporated in its make, gives the user a feel of using a mechanical keyboard. If the type used had been just a membrane, the user had to press the key down till the key makes a contact with its underlying circuit. But, the Quick tension switch used here pulls down the key after it reaches its half-way down, giving the user a tactile feel.

Thus, the Apex 100 keyboards are well built and can give the user a tactile experience as if using a mechanical keyboard, but lacks because of their dull backlighting. Still, this keyboard can be said as providing its best for the price.

2.    Corsair K55

K55 keyboard is one among the dozen models of keyboards being manufactured by Corsair. But this is the most affordable among all the other Corsair keyboards.

Just like Apex 100 from Steel Series, this keyboard is also a membrane-based keyboard. Though K55 mimics a mechanical keyboard looks-wise, the drawback of this compared to Apex 100 is that K55 does not give a feel like using a mechanical keyboard due to the lack of Quick tension switch mechanism. It is equipped with RGB backlighting which is customizable and also contains 6 programmable macro keys. This keyboard is well balanced on its 2 legs.


  •    Macro keys –  The keyboard is designed to have a set of 6 macro keys which are programmable and can take care in executing complex commands just with one keystroke.

o    The “MR” button placed immediately to media keys is used to record a macro.

  •    RGB Backlighting – K55 contains 3 zone RGB backlight. Though this lacks per-key backlighting which does not give the user more customizability or the needed dynamic effects, the keyboard can be customized using software utility of Corsair’s itself, which can make it look great.
  •    Detachable wrist rest – The keyboard comes with a detachable wrist rest made of rubber which makes its use comfortable for the user. Though it is made of simple rubber material, this is seen as a reasonable utility being provided for the cost.

Hence, K55 is a key-board well equipped with three-zone RGB backlighting, media control keys, wrist rest and a set of six macro keys which can be programmed. But the Glossy band provided at its top can attract much dust

3.    Razer Cynosa Chroma

Cynosa Chroma can be considered as one of the affordable product that is being manufactured by the esteemed company Razor. Razor being the topmost in production of gaming peripherals which are of high quality has added another product to their list of affordable utilities which is the Cynosa Chroma. This keyboard is the best choice for gaming lovers who want to have a top brand keyboard and which is also economic.


  •    Design – Though Cynosa Chroma is built using a frame made of simple plastic, its exterior design reminds us of Razer’s high-end keyboards like Black Widow.
  •    RGB backlighting – One of the highly praised properties of Cynosa Chroma is its backlighting. The keyboard has been built with RGB backlighting with no compromise of Razer’s signature. This feature makes Cynosa, high quality yet pocket-friendly membrane-based keyboards choice.

Thus, Cynosa Chroma is a keyboard though built with simple plastic frame, has incorporated all the high-end features like RGB backlighting and responsive membrane keys and mimics high-end Razor mark keyboards in external appearance.

4.    Razer Ornata Chroma

A make from Razer, Ornato Chroma is made of a combination of mechanical and membrane-based technologies making it a hybrid keyboard.

The technology behind hybrid keyboards was invented by Razor to adopt the best qualities from both those technologies like the responsiveness and tactile nature of the keys just like a mechanical keyboard and an affordable price like that of a membrane-based keyboard.


  •    RGB Backlighting – The keyboard like any other keyboard from Razor, has a wide range of presets and dynamic effects with a great quality of RGB backlighting.
  •    Hybrid keys –This keyboard is built using Mecha-Membrane technology of Razer’s, combining the best features of both the technologies.
  •    Detachable wrist rest – provided with a comfortable and soft cushion wrist rest, it gives a comfortable position for a user who uses it either for gaming or typing. As this rest is detachable, a user can unfold it from the magnets provided at the front of the keyboard.

Hence, though little expensive among the other membrane-based keyboards, it makes a good choice for a user who wants a high-end and comfortable gaming experience as this has high-quality backlighting, massive wrist rest and equipped with a mecha-membrane keyboard which gives the user a feeling of using a mechanical keyboard.

5.    Kingston HyperX Alloy FPS

HyperX Alloy FPS comes in two variants and differs on the types of switches each use. They are the Cherry MX Red, Brown, and Blue. It is a compact keyboard whose body is quite minimal which makes its keys looks taller than they are.


o    Red LED backlighting – It has simple but effective red backlighting which can contribute to a greater experience as the low wavelength of the red color distracts less under a condition with low light.

o    Portability – The keyboard is compactly built with a detachable power cable and is padded with a carry case which gives hassle-free and safe transport.

o    Compact steel frame – The keyboard’s front is made of steel and the back part is built with a high-quality plastic which makes it look best

In short, HyperX Alloy FPS, made from Kingston is compactly designed and is easily portable, also has a good number of variants to choose from. The drawback is that Red backlighting which most of the gamers might feel disappointing about.

6.    Logitech G910 Orion Spark

The G910 Orion Spark is a keyboard being manufactured by the most esteemed company, Logitech.


  •    RGB backlighting – Accompanied by the inbuilt software, this keyboard has a manageable and customizable RGB backlighting.
  •    Arx Control – The Arx control dock sitting at the top of this keyboard, helps in monitoring of hardware, performance, peripheral management. This control dock also provides the user with multimedia controls.
  •    Macro keys – There are a set of 9 macro keys which can be programmed as per need. These macro keys help the user in executing a group of complex instructions with only 1 keystroke.
  •    Romer–G switches – This mechanism was invented by Logitech themselves. This is a kind of mechanical switch but with even more responsiveness and durability.

The G910 Orion Spark is the keyboard which is not only aesthetic but also highly functional. Its features like programmable macro keys, Arx dock, Romer-G switches make it a powerful keyboard for aggressive users.

7.    Logitech G810 Orion Spectrum

The G810 is another mechanical keyboard from Logitech offering the user with a more compact and sleek design. This also has the same features as of G910 but with minimal exterior design.


  •    RGB backlighting – Accompanied by the inbuilt software, this keyboard has a manageable and customizable RGB backlighting.
  •    Romer–G switches – This mechanism was invented by Logitech themselves. This is a kind of mechanical switch but with even more responsiveness and durability
  •    Neutral design – This keyboard is designed with a sleek and compact body.

G810 is feature-wise almost the same as G910 but with a compact and sleek body structure and suits well for users who love not so aggressive things on their desks.

8.    Corsair K70

K70 is another series from Corsair with a small footprint and with a sleek and compact design.


  •    RGB backlight – This keyboard is built with per-key and has high-quality RGB backlighting. This can be customized with Corsair’s own utility software.
  •    Premium build quality – K70 is made of the aluminum body which makes it light and sturdy.
  •    Detachable wrist rest – Provided with a comfortable and detachable wrist rest, this keyboard adds more comfort for users.
  •    Variety of Cherry MX switches – Corsair ships this keyboard in 5 different variants: The Cherry MX Red, Brown, Blue, Silent and the Cherry MX Speed switches.

Except that this has no dedicated macro keys, this keyboard performs good, looks and feels good to use. It has a unique feature that each key can be programmable.

9.    Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2

Finally, we come to have a look at another keyboard from Razer, which is the BlackWidow Chroma V2. As the name specifies this is an updated version of the legacy BlackWidow Chroma. The added features are its look, use a new type of Razer switch, have a good wrist rest which is magnetized.


  •    Chroma RGB backlighting – It provides high-quality RGB backlighting with customizability option and plenty of options to choose from.
  •    Three types of Razer switches – Razer uses their own switch types which are green, orange, and yellow switches. These are also known for their durability.
  •    Five macro keys – There are a set of 5 macro keys which can be programmed as needed allowing the user to execute complex commands easily.
  •    Detachable wrist rest – This has a comfortable and massive wrist rest which help users for typing and gaming.

Though this is high on price, this keyboard incorporates all the best features of functionality and also has a perfect design which makes it more aesthetic.

Author Bio:- Joey is a long time enthusiastic gamer and love to review new electronics products. Initially he started his career as a blogger reviewing electronic gadgets and gaming consoles. Later he joined the team at HotRate as a writer. He spends most of the time with the team at work, getting inspiration & content for his articles as they review various products for gamers.

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