BREAKING: Former WCW Star 'Silver King' Suffers Heart Attack During A Match And Dies

BREAKING: Former WCW Star 'Silver King' Suffers Heart Attack During A Match And Dies

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BREAKING: Former WCW Star 'Silver King' Suffers Heart Attack During A Match And Dies


Former WCW Cruiserweight star Cesar “Silver King” Barron suffered a heart attack and died at a lucha libre event at the Camden Roundhouse in East London. He was 51 years old. Barron was competing against former WCW Cruiserweight Champion Juventud Guerrera.

Based on live footage from the event, Silver King performed a flying clothesline on Guerrera, putting both men on the mat. Guerrera kicked out at two, but Barron looked to have difficulty getting up.

The referee then kept telling Barron to get up, and he was able to get up to his hands and knees. Guerrera then kicked him in the chest area, and he fell back down. Guerrera then attempted to roll Barron over to his back, and had trouble doing so. When he did manage to roll him over, the referee counted to two, hesitated, and then counted to three.

Guerrera celebrated following the victory, with Barron still laying in the ring. The referee and other ringside personnel then rolled Barron over to his side, realizing the severity of the situation. Guerrera also returned to the ring and led the crowd to chant for Silver King.

Camden New Journal reports that he could not be revived after suffering a cardiac arrest, and adds that witnesses stated that Guerrera held out his hands in confusion when he did not respond to the referee urging his to stand back up. The fans were chanting his name, unaware of the severity of the incident. However, fans were asked to be cleared out while music was playing on the PA system.

While Silver King’s biggest achievement was winning the CMLL World Heavyweight Championship after defeating Brazo de Plata on July 28, 1994, his popularity increased internationally during his tenure competing for World Championship Wrestling, as he was a staple in the Cruiserweight division from 1997-2000. Silver King even competed in WCW in 1992, as he was a part of the NWA World Tag Team Championship tournament with El Texano against The Freebirds, Michael Hayes and Jimmy Garvin.

Several pro wrestlers extended their condolenses after finding out this tragic news.

Kassius Ohno posted, “Terrible news. Please keep Silver King’s friends & families in your thoughts. RIP.” Sean Waltman stated, “It was an honor to have been friends & shared the ring with the great Silver King. He & Tejano were an amazing team. He truly was one of the greats & I’m heartbroken to learn of his passing.”

Eric Bischoff stated, “I am saddened to hear about the passing of Silver King. Like so many of the great Luchadores that helped Americans appreciate Lucha Libre and make Nitro the success it was, he will be missed. Thank you and RIP.”

Chris Jericho posted on Instagram that he had “so many great matches with him” when he worked in CMLL, and how Barron treated Jericho as an equal despite him feeling like a “stranger in a strange land.”

Many other pro wrestlers commented on Barron’s passing, including Christopher Daniels stating that the news “hits me hard,” Shane Helms being “thankful to work with him,” and Ligero stating that it is “awful news” and “such a horrible situation.”




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