5 Top Trending Plastic Surgery Procedures in Phoenix AZ

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5 Top Trending Plastic Surgery Procedures in Phoenix AZ


5 Top Trending Plastic Surgery Procedures in Phoenix AZ


The fact that plastic surgery procedures have increasingly gained in popularity over the recent years is unsurprising. However, the question is – which are some of the trending procedures worth checking out? Well, this article suggests a few types to begin with.

1) Cosmetic Treatments

It is projected that 2019 will see an upsurge in the common form of cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic procedures are popular in Phoenix than ever before thanks to the existence of competent surgeons in the region. Many people are increasingly opting for procedures that enhance their features. Elite Plastic Surgery in Phoenix AZ features expert surgeons with great surgical skills that set them apart from the rest. Cosmetic surgery for the breast are ideal for augmenting, reconstructing, and enhancing the look and feel of the breasts. On the other hand, procedures for the body are suitable for lifting or improving different parts such as the buttocks, thighs, or arms. Similarly, facial procedures revitalize the face, nose, ears, eyelids, and facial profile.

2) Botox

Botox is one of the least invasive surgical procedures. This procedure functions to smooth your skin and enhance its appearance by minimizing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines in your skin. Today, it also guarantees an added advantage through its preventive role. It prevents these wrinkles and lines from appearing on your skin. That it can be used in different ways explains why Botox has increasingly gained popularity in recent years. It is predicted that a new procedure will likely replace Botox in the upcoming years, but until then, enjoy its benefits.

3) Non-Surgical Nose Job

A nose job is with no doubt one of the most famous types of plastic surgery you can ever come across. Experts say that a whopping quarter million nose reshaping procedures are carried out annually. Perhaps this originates from the fact that the nose plays a key role in giving your face asymmetrical look. Therefore, a slight deformity in your face would give your entire face a very different look. It might be a common procedure, but non-surgical nose procedures are quickly replacing rhinotomy. These new procedures only last for 15 minutes and use the dermal fillers to reshape the nose.

4) Fillers

Surgeons have seen a surge in the amounts of fillers required by people. Whether the lip fillers or fillers to reshape the eye area, this procedure is not going anywhere anytime soon. With this procedure, surgeons currently inject a new substance in the region instead of removing the fat around it to enhance the look.

5) Breast Reductions

Breast implants were the most famous forms of plastic surgery procedures a decade ago. However, in recent years, the attention has shifted towards breast reduction. It is predicted that breast reduction procedures will likely increase in the coming years. Aside from the traditional breast reduction procedures, the Laser Bra Lift has also come into frame. The newly invented procedure is not only scalpel-free but also laser assisted. It entails the use of a CO2 laser to improve the smoothness of the breast and its elasticity.

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