Using the Advantages of Instagram When Starting A Sports Career

Using the Advantages of Instagram When Starting A Sports Career


Using the Advantages of Instagram When Starting A Sports Career


Social networks are omnipresent. You can make contacts, cultivate friendships, share photos, and videos. All of this is part of everyday life today. Users should always pay attention to good behavior, even if they only exchange ideas with friends. Today, however, not only private individuals are on the social networks.

In order to professionally use the profile on Instagram to advance your sports career, it is important to note a few important helpful tips.

The profile

If you are already active on Instagram, you should create a new profile for your career booster. It emphasizes the professional purpose. First of all, a good profile name is important. This should be meaningful and keyword fit.

To find the right keywords, consider what kind of sports you do. Therefore, people will know briefly about type of sports you are doing and what to expect on your profile. For example, let’s take “Mathew Boxing”. Over there, people can guess that the owner name is Mathew and he is a professional boxer who is sharing boxing tips and perhaps, promoting some boxing outfit.

Establishing a personal brand

The profile on Instagram should be an individual business card, so it is very important to carefully select the content. Here the user can develop his own style and present the very personal handwriting. If you make it great, some athletes or sports enthusiast are usually contacted for health product endorse, that most of the time, pay good money! If you are just starting your career account mind to visit and buy Instagram followers on your account – it would help a lot to make your page look more visited and interesting thus to increase the organic visitors and engagement.

The photos

For consistency, it is necessary to post at least one post daily. In this case, more contributions make you stand out from the crowd. It also shows to people that you are serious about what you are doing. Therefore, nicely designed slogans, quotes, snapshots from the sports routine, great experiences with customers or time-lapse videos are important. Timelapse videos can be easily created using the Instagram app “Hyperlapse”.

The hashtags

Hashtags increase the chances of being found. Here are some popular superordinate terms #workout #bodybuilders #crossfit or perhaps the sport name like #karate #basketball #pool. They can be mixed with the other hashtags and should provide a meaningful caption and no keyword cemetery. For mixing are detailed words that describe the image. Generally, a picture should have five hashtags.

The Links

To increase the visibility of an account you can interlink various social media channels you have or personal websites. You can achieve this by leaving bio links.

Knowing the audience

People use Instagram to find inspiration there. Information about the image and goals can be easily obtained. This information should be based on the career profile.


Storytelling has become a successful tool in many areas of the Internet. People love stories. Companies pack content into little stories. Applicants should also do that to make a career with Instagram. Meaningful photos of the current career and regular image reports on work, volunteer work or the like leave a lasting impression on the viewer.

Quality Images

Good visuals can be used to emphasize positive qualities. This can be a social engagement or special hobbies. If creative hobbies can be reconciled with the job you are looking for, these should not be missing. Especially for creative professions, Instagram is the ideal platform to present yourself. The University of Bielefeld provides further information on visual language.


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