Fantasy Premier League Recap

Fantasy Premier League Recap


Fantasy Premier League Recap


An epic Premier League season is behind us. Manchester City and Liverpool had an amazing title race, which lasted until the final round of the season. The two teams dominated also the Fantasy Premier League standings. Let’s go through the FPL stats and check out the best players for each position.

FPL forwards

The previous season was a tough one for FPL forwards. Top six positions were taken by midfielders and defenders. The best FPL forward was Arsenal’s Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, who recorded 205 points – more than 50 points behind the Mohamed Salah.

Many could argue, that Salah, Mane and Hazard should have been counted as forwards instead. It’s a good argument considering their advanced roles and the number of goals these players scored. Maybe we’ll see a change next season, but this time they were all counted as midfielders.

Aubameyang was the leading scorer of the Premier League with Salah and Mane. He also scored a brace in the final match of the season.

Sergio Aguero was one goal short and finished 4th in the golden boot race. He recorded 201 FPL points, which was a big improvement from the previous two seasons (169 & 175 points).

Aguero had the best PPM (Points Per Match) ratio of all forwards. He totaled 6.1 PPM, while Aubameyang and Harry Kane recorded 5.7 PPM.

Third place went to Raul Jimenez, who had a fantastic season with promoted Wolves. Jimenez was on fire in the second half of the season with his teammate Jota. He recorded 181 FPL points and 4.8 PPM.

There’s no doubt Harry Kane would have been in the top three without his injury. Kane missed lots of matches but ended up as the highest priced forward (12.6M). The English forward recorded 160 FPL points, but his PPM ratio suggests he could have landed close to 200 FPL points if fit.

FPL Midfielders

This FPL season was dominated by midfielders. As mentioned earlier, it’d have been probably fairer to have Mane, Salah and Hazard as forwards instead. This, however, would have created other problems in the game mechanics and how the teams are being built.

Mohamed Salah was the king of FPL this season as well. He was quite far from the unbelievable points tally of 2017/2018 season, though. Salah scored 22 goals and shared the golden boot, so it wasn’t exactly bad.

Salah had some dry spells too and there were doubts over him especially in the early season. In the end, he was surely worth the high price tag.

Eden Hazard finished second. He was on fire in the early months of the season, when the whole Chelsea team was flying unbeaten. Eventually, Hazard had a strong point tally, but he was a difficult player for many to hold. Hazard had long weak spells and then scored 10-15 points in one match.

Raheem Sterling finished third, just four points (234) behind Hazard (238). Sterling had a fantastic season at City, but he suffered from rotation and missed few critical matches. Sterling had a higher PPM ratio (6.9) than Salah (6.8).

Sadio Mane finished fourth, just three points behind Sterling. He was clearly cheaper than Sterling & Salah, which led to higher TSB percentage as well.

FPL Defenders

This FPL season was totally dominated by Liverpool defence. Andrew Robertson and Virgil Van Dijk recorded both over 200 FPL points finishing 5th and 6th respectively. Liverpool’s defence was rock solid all season. Robertson & Van Dijk also managed to avoid injuries.

The star of the season was Trent Alexander-Arnold. He picked up only 185 FPL points but recorded much higher PPM ratio of 6.4. TAA would have been the top defender without his injuries. This youngster will be always remembered of his set-piece intelligence in the Liverpool-FC Barcelona match.

Manchester City’s Aymeric Laporte finished 4th, being the first non-Liverpool defender in the charts. City defence was also super strong, especially in the late stages of the season. The problem was heavy rotation, which made it also difficult to pick players from Pep’s back four.

FPL Goalkeepers

It is no surprise, that Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson is the number one guy in this list as well. The former AS Roma goalie proved to be worth all the hype that surrounded his transfer last summer. Alisson recorded 176 points and had also the highest PPM ratio (4.6) of keepers, who started regularly.

Manchester City keeper Ederson finished second. He didn’t get so much credit as his opponent but ended up with 20 clean sheets – just one short of Alisson’s 21. Guardiola didn’t rotate his goalkeepers, so Ederson had much more starts than City defenders.

Everton’s Jordan Pickford was the third best goalkeeper. The current England national team goalie recorded 161 FPL points. Everton finished the season really strongly, which helped Pickford to reach these numbers. He recorded at least 6 FPL points from nine out of last eleven matches.

Cardiff keeper Neil Etheridge finished 4th, just four points behind Pickford. Ten clean sheets is a fantastic number for a team, which got relegated. Etheridge saved also few penalties and picked up a nice amount of bonus points.

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