Can Online Games Be Considered Sports?

Can Online Games Be Considered Sports?


Can Online Games Be Considered Sports?


This question has sparked unending debates over the years. Can games that you play on your computer or console have the major fundamental aspects of the word “Sport?” Because we are living in an age where technology is continuously evolving  and connectivity is made easy thanks to the internet, anything is possible. Below you will find the answer to this question amongst other arguments made that prove whether online gaming can be considered a sport or not.

What is a sport?

If you dive into the definition of the actual word, it is clear that it has more than one meaning. According to the Oxford dictionary, “a sport is an activity involving physical exertion and/or skill in which an individual or a team competes against another or others in a lively and energetic way for the entertainment of the people watching.” Many other definitions could include the world of gaming with it, while other definitions do not really include it. However, none of the definitions are ”more correct” than the others. Today, the term “Esports” is being used for multi-player online video games for their growing popularity over the years. You play against other players and you compete, like real sports.  

Bring it on!

The world of gaming is more vast and competitive than you could have ever imagined. Popular games like “Fortnite” have been keeping teens and adults entertained. Not to mention that experienced gamers at Fortnite Nexus provides you with tips and tricks on playing Fortnite as well as rich guides that will hone your skills and give you a proper gaming experience. Every year, there are many online gaming tournaments like “The International”, “The League of Legends World Championship” and “Blizzcon”  that bring competitive gamers together to compete and also gaming enthusiasts and fans under one roof to watch and enjoy. Games such as “Dota”, “League of Legends”, “StarCraft” and many more are being played competitively with grand prizes and monetary rewards for the winners. Doesn’t all this fall into most of the aspects of the word Sport? Even if it’s called E-sports.

You think you got what it takes?

A lot of people would argue that it’s not physical. This argument can be a knockout punch by those who argue that online games are not a sport.  If Chess can be classified as a sport, then why can’t online gaming be one too? Can sitting in a chair in silence in front of a screen for hours on end reasonably amount to “physical exertion”? If you think about it, it kind of is physically as much as it is mental. Actually, as any gamer would know, there is physical exertion involved and not just the basic motor skills by clicking a button or moving a mouse. The difficult fact is, it is impossible for some people to understand how physically taxing a competitive online game can be unless they have played it themselves. After many hours of combat, it can leave you feeling drained in both mind and body. Mental exertion manifests itself physically whether you want to believe it or not.

The beauty of the human nature is that no one is the same; we are different with diverse opinions. Both sides of this debate are right and wrong at the same time. It just depends on which definition of ”sport” you go by and believe me or not, they’re all equally correct.

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