Strategies for Successful Deer Hunting

Deer Hunting

Strategies for Successful Deer Hunting


Strategies for Successful Deer Hunting


If you love hunting, you probably cannot wait for the opening day just like the rest of us. Whether you are a newbie or an experienced hunter, getting a deer on your very first day is not easy. It is a challenging task that not many accomplish. There are many tips and tricks that can be followed in order to ensure that you hunt a deer on opening day. We have listed some of them below so check them out:

1. Go deer scouting before opening season

The best way to get a deer on opening day is to already know where you may find one. Instead of searching for them, you can simply go where they live for hunting. Deer roam around in groups to protect themselves from predators, which is why they are very easy to track during late summer season before opening day. It is the perfect time to note down and track a few places where you may find them. It will make things much more convenient to come opening day.  When you go hunting make sure you use a popular crossbow and that you research and find the best crossbows.

2. Hunt for long periods of time

If you are determined to get a kill on opening day, we advise you to hunt all day. You might be lucky enough to find a deer soon, but if not then you should not give up and spend all day hunting. Getting up early is also key because that is when most hunters are still asleep and you get a chance to hunt deer while they are not alarmed. As the day moves forward, the deer get an idea of what is going on and they start hiding as well. It is best to start early and finish late when the chaos has dropped down. Position yourself in ways that the deer running from other hunters come your way too.

3. Stay off sight

If you set up outside the fields where you can see what is going on but a deer might not see you, you will most likely encounter them and get your shot. If you set up in the field, you may be visible to the deer that would get alerted and run away. Instead, try to stay away from the line of sight and wait for the deer to come to you.

4. Positioning is key

When it comes to hunting, positioning is key. Before opening day, try to scour the area on Google maps or some other app and figure out the points from which most hunters would enter and the direction most deer are likely to run towards when they hear people and firing guns. Try to find points away from those and set up in a fashion that the running deer come straight towards you. If you are on the exact opposite direction of the hunters and you stay quiet, the deer will not suspect anything and will come straight towards you while running from danger. When the opportunity presents itself, make sure that you are ready to take the shot.

5. Hunt near water reservoirs

There will be a small pond, a stream or some sort of water reservoir where you are hunting. The deer will get thirsty after all that running around in the hot weather. When they do, they will come to the water to drink up and quench their thirst. Make sure the entire pond is in your line of sight so you can take the shot when the deer comes to the pond.

It is a sure shot thing that thirsty animals will come to the water reservoir. It is all a game of patience. Prior to opening day, make sure you know about the water spots in the area using a map.

6. Make the area more appealing to animals

This is a tactic that has been used by many hunters through the ages and it works wonders. Basically, you pick an appropriate area in the hunting ground and try to make it more ecologically appealing to the deer. This is done about a month prior to the opening day so there is enough time for necessary changes to take place in the area.

You should add fertilizer and nitrogen to the chosen land so that it promotes growth all around. The area will be much greener by opening day and the deer would be much more tempted to come here than anywhere else.

7. Stay invisible

This is critical for hunting any animal during any time of the year, not just opening day for deer. If you are seen, the animal will run away.

Staying invisible has many aspects; firstly you need to stay quiet. Silence means that if the animal cannot see you, he should not be able to sense you in any other way either. Deer are keen listeners so maintain silence.

Secondly, you need to stay away from the line of sight. Camouflage is another great tactic to stay unnoticed. You can either buy a camouflage suit or you can follow your own camouflage techniques such as applying a charcoal mask on your face and hands. Other materials can be used too.

8. Know your standards

If you are lucky enough, you may find multiple hunting opportunities on opening day. You need to know what you are there for. Are you going to kill anything that moves or are you going to wait for a special deer to come through? One with a huge size, lovely coat, and gorgeous antlers. Know your standards and know your priorities. It is important so you do not regret killing at a later stage knowing that the animal was not good enough.

9. Follow a blood trail

If you take a shot but it misses the exact mark, follow the animal’s blood trail very gently. An injured animal can panic and run towards other hunters or it may hide and bleed out. To avoid either of those scenarios, tread lightly while keeping the deer on its toes so it keeps moving. Sooner or later, the blood trail will lead you to the animal.

10. Take a shower

This may seem like a funny tip but it can make or break your opening day. Deer have a very sharp sense of smell. Even if they do not see or hear you, a foul smell in the air would make them very cautious. Any change in the aroma of the land will spook them and put them on high-alert. Try to take a shower and not eat sharp smelling food before you go on your hunt. It will make a huge difference.

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