The Importance of Technology In Sports

The Importance of Technology In Sports


The Importance of Technology In Sports


Technology has been a fundamental actor in the life of human beings for many years. It has invaded practically all the areas of our day to day with the purpose of give it to us almost everything. Sport is not a field that escapes the constant technological advances that every day try to perfect our way of practicing it. Both at the competition level and at the leisure level, technology has been used in sport to improve many aspects of it. It seeks to improve qualities attached to the same as the precision in the registration of marks, the performance of the athlete, the recovery of injuries, sports materials, etc.

The technological advances related to trademark registration are more than striking. It is intended to reach the highest possible accuracy, to fine-tune to the thousandth of a second to such an extent that, we can perfectly differentiate who has won a swimming race, although three swimmers have apparently arrived at the same time. It means that nothing is left to chance and everything is controlled as much as possible. Technology has a great blame for this. The famous ‘Hawk’s Eye’, not only helps us to see the winner of any type of race, but also has adapted to tennis to see when a ball comes out, or when the ball enters completely into the soccer goal.

Living in this technological era, and with the technology whizzing along the information highway, people are interested in the latest technology. Today, laptops and computers have become an integral part of the lives of the people. However, over a period of time they need to be replaced. If you have an old laptop that is no more useful to you and is just lying around as a piece of junk, then there are much better alternatives available then trashing it? Simply disposing off such an item in the trash can be daunting and quite dangerous. Now a day, sell used laptop and notebooks is becoming increasingly popular among the people. The most convenient way to sell used laptops is through the internet.

Precisely the clothing is another one of the sport areas that have been affected very positively by the technology in the sport. Undoubtedly, the use of synthetic fabrics has been one of the greatest advances in sports technology. This has allowed to create lighter garments, more adaptable, more breathable, or even with humidity or temperature control of the athlete. In addition, the use of resistant materials, plastics or special gels for the manufacture of footwear has also allowed athletes to opt to maximize their performance looking for the shoe that best suits. And if we talk about sports equipment, we are not left behind either. From soccer balls to badminton shuttlecocks, to surfboards, or even Formula 1 racing cars. Everything is subject to improvement,

So much technology is used for sport, which we have even applied to the athlete himself. Known are the training with electro stimulation or the search for extreme situations (as with the use of hyperbaric chambers) that allow improving performance in the future. Nor are the supplements for athletes, who by the way of food seeking the same goal. It is about applying technology, in this case, to feeding the athletes to obtain better results.

In the same way, modifications are applied in the way of preventing and treating injuries. Thanks to nanotechnology and biotechnology, much progress has been made especially in the treatment of serious injuries, which some years ago could have meant the end of the sports career of the athlete. As a recent example we find the advances in the intervention techniques of a broken internal lateral ligament, it is no longer necessary to resort to grafting, but rather the ligament itself is used to regenerate it, accelerating the recovery process of the athlete. In addition, the importance of technology in sports for disabled people should be highlighted within this theme. New materials, innovative designs and advances in engineering and surgery have allowed many people to enjoy recreational sports,

If we attend, on the other hand, to the way of enjoying sports for non-professionals, a substantial change is perceived. The development of mobile apps that measure our performance, we plan training and even control our diet, is quite common today. In addition, they have launched to the market sports cameras that allow us to record our experience in the first person or wristbands that follow our activity and even register the quality of our dream. Everything is valid today so that we live the sport like never before.

Technology has even made people who do not play sports feel part of it. We refer to the new sports information technologies. More specific channels for sports, use of new platforms and social networks for greater interaction with the viewer, more audiovisual content on demand, etc. The big communication groups are aware of the great mass of audience that moves the main sports of each country, therefore, they use technology to offer their viewers more, more and more.

But it’s not just the fans that benefit. The clubs and sports organizations themselves have also been graced by the tremendous advances at the communicative level. In a globalized world like the one we live in, it is easier, faster and more efficient to reach more people and make yourself known. Therefore, in be + SPORTS we work every day to provide tools to fans, athletes, clubs, leagues, sports centers or federations to maximize their chances of reaching a wider audience, always offering a professional image.

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