The most berserker sports states in 2019

The most berserker sports states in 2019


The most berserker sports states in 2019


Sport is one of the quintessential parts of American culture. Based on revenue, the USA can boast on four major professional sports leagues:

  1. Major League Baseball (MLB)
  2. the National Basketball Association (NBA)
  3. the National Football League (NFL)
  4. and the National Hockey League (NHL).

In addition, sport is very much integrated into the educational system of the USA. The majority of the high schools and universities have organized sports, while college sports competitions play a paramount role in the American sporting culture. With this in mind, it can be quite challenging to determine which are the most berserker sports states. Still, for 2019, the following ones have made our pick.

The most berserker sports states in 2019 (3)

Americans are pretty keen on their sports. Finding the most berserker sports states means picking only the best of the best.[an American football player ready to throw the ball]

The Golden State

It’s no wonder California bares such a nickname. Besides being the most populous state in the U.S. it also has the most teams in the four major leagues. It is safe to claim that the Golden State is simply the best for pro sports. When you look at the statistics from the Rio Olympics, you will see that CA takes precedence here as well. More than 22%, 124 Olympians to be exact, call this state their home. For the sake of reference, the ones that follow are Florida (39) and Texas (33) with 7% and 6%. As for the winter sports, California comes second only to Colorado, with 22 athletes.

It is safe to assume that the whole state is rather sports oriented, providing a truly unique atmosphere for all its residents. After all, we deem it one of the most berserker sports states in the U. S.  If you plan on moving from CA to a distant place, do not be surprised if you are met with a decline in sports enthusiasm. While California has long had many respected collegiate sports programs, others might not have been so fortunate. So, be prepared for such a change of opportunities.

States with a fertile ground for pro sports

Although California is the undisputed champion when it comes to pro sports, other states also deserve more than a mention:

  • Florida has ten pro sports teams. This number, however, threatens to grow, as long as David Beckham’s Miami MLS franchise manages to get a stadium built.
  • Texas is home to a truly golden team, the San Antonio Spurs. It has won its state four of the state’s seven championships in the last 15 years.
  • Although being a one-city state when it comes to pro sports teams, Massachusetts does give other states a run for their money. Five pro sports teams and eight championships in the last 15 years are just some of the reasons why you ought to keep an eye on this state during 2019.
  • Ohio might not have won any championships in quite some time, but the presence of LeBron James in their rankings, things might take a turn for the better.

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With the athletes that make NBA teams so formidable, basketball is on the verge of perfection in the USA.[men playing professional basketball]

The Silver State

The nickname, however appropriate and convenience, has not made Nevada the second on our list. When thinking about the most berserker sports states, one has to include the most berserker sports in the initial filters. When you put it so, MMA has to be on the top. And, when you take the objective approach, no organization does a better job at promoting the sport as the UFC does. Although their first event was held in Denver, Colorado, the most have taken place in Las Vegas, Nevada.

If you are a fan of MMA, and in general yearn for some authentic and unforgettable fighting events, statistics show that Nevada is the place for you. And who better to help you move than Besides taking care of your belongings in the safest and most appropriate manner, they will make sure you get to your home swiftly and efficiently. Thus, you will be able to enjoy the city, as well as the UFC events in no time.

The Mecca of boxing

Americans have a long history of loving and supporting the sport of boxing. When you look back in history, fan interest and frequency of events comes as no surprise that Las Vegas is often referred to as the Mecca of boxing. For half and century, this glittering city has hosted some of the most important fights in regards to this sport, and it has no intentions of stopping. Fights like Muhammad Ali vs George Foreman, Mike Tyson vs Oscar De La Hoya and Julio Cesar Chavez vs Floyd Mayweather Jr all took place here. And, who knows, Las Vegas might even host the next fight of Gypsy King himself, the magnificent Tyson Fury.

Two boxing

Any true boxing fan knows what state and city to go to for the supreme display of the sport.[two boxers boxing]

The thing that makes Pennsylvania one of the most berserker sports states

It is no secret that America has some of the best wrestlers in the world, especially when it comes to freestyle wrestling. From there, when you narrow it down to the best state in the U. S., what you will get is Pennsylvania. The ‘wrestling craze’ is probably the highest in the Quaker state, making the youngsters pretty keen on every aspect of the sport. You can say that Pennsylvania is one of the most berserker sports states solely based on wrestling enthusiasm. The state bears the majority of winners in every competition held in the USA. Professionals see that their college wrestling is conducted with an approach that is thorough and fool-proof. Such surroundings and atmosphere give birth to some of the best wrestlers in the state, like Nico Megaludis, Josh Moore and Zain Retherford.

It is rather hard to make a mistake when determining the most berserker sports states in 2019. Everyone is putting a lot of efforts into producing quality athletes and providing amazing events. Seeing that America spares no money when it comes to sports, the best solution might be to make a tour around the country and see for yourself what splendors lie around.

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