Betting in the USA. New Jersey is one of the states that have already opened up.

Betting in the USA. New Jersey is one of the states that have already opened up.


Betting in the USA. New Jersey is one of the states that have already opened up.


Putting an end to more than eight years of an odyssey to open up sports betting, New Jersey’s Governor finally signed a bill that legalized sports betting. For a law that’s designed to restore some of the glamour and glitz to Atlantic casinos the governor’s bill was precisely the opposite; a statement mailed to the newsrooms and signature signed behind the closed doors. Currently, the legalization of sports betting in New Jersey is perhaps the reason why sports betting is quickly spreading in the US. But which states have already opened up for betting?

Within months of this decision, a number of states including Mississippi, Delaware, New Mexico, and West Virginia have already started allowing people to make secure and safe sports wagers. With tons of betting opportunities opening up, it’s an exciting time for US sports. There is, therefore, no better chance to take a shot than now.

Current online betting situation

Currently, sports betting is available legally in Delaware, Nevada, West Virginia, New Jersey, New Mexico, and Mississippi. Chances are, if you are a gambler or sports fan, you can now enjoy sports betting in these states. Before May 2018, sports betting was majorly regulated by 1992 Amateur and Professional Sports Protection Act. This legislation generally made sports betting illegal across the nations with only a few exceptions such as

  •    States sports lotteries remained legal in Oregon, Montana, and Delaware
  •    All types of gambling remained legal in Nevada
  •    Dog and horse racing remained legal.
  •    States that are likely to legalize sports betting in future

States that are likely to legalize online sports betting in future

Rhode Island, New York, and Pennsylvania are some of the states that are also likely to legalize sports betting. In fact, some of these states have already passed laws including pro- sports betting; hence it’s likely that they will start accepting wagers in 2019. There are also other states that have expressed interest in legalizing sports betting either through politicians’ backing the betting cause or proposed legislation. These states include South Carolina, Montana, California, Iowa, Louisiana, Kansas, Maryland, Massachusetts, Missouri, Illinois Michigan, and Kentucky.

The only state that is unlikely to legalize online sports betting is Utah. Their strict Mormon population has always taken an adamant stance on gambling hence are not expected to change anytime soon. There are also other states such as Florida, Hawaii, Maine, and Georgia who have strict anti-gambling laws hence must do a lot of work to pave the way for online betting in the future.

New Jersey, which came up with the lawsuit that brought down the federal law argued that online sports betting could bring in almost $13 million in tax revenue in the first year. The Supreme Court opinion also meant that states could provide the same betting options just like any other sportsbooks including professional sports, combat sports, golf, and non-American sporting events.

However, there are some sports leagues which have encouraged the states to ban prop bets that can easily be impacted by a single player without necessarily changing the game’s outcome. More so, it’s expected that many New Jersey sportsbooks will be able to take bets through computer and phones but not right away. Without these options, gambling advocates have warned that bettors will turn to illegal bookmakers or offshore accounts.

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