Alpha Rotation Review

Alpha Rotation Review


Alpha Rotation Review


If you’re looking for competitive options gains… the Alpha Rotation program will do just that.

The following is our review of Roger Scott’s Alpha Rotation

Before joining Alpha Rotation, I had no prior experience in the financial markets and no idea where to even begin.

However, this program made trading simple by cracking Wall Street’s secret code and breaking it into U.S. Sector ETFs and Options.  

Roger Scott created the Alpha Rotation system to help traders generate aggressive returns, consistent income, and ultra-low risks per trade.

Alpha Rotation teaches traders how to maximize option profits in bullish, bearish, and sideways market conditions, how implied volatility impacts value, and how to profit from Options spreads.

The Alpha Rotation program accomplishes this by including video tutorials on how to get started, daily position updates, trade alerts, and coaching.

I don’t have a degree in STEM and I certainly don’t have the patience to sit in front of a computer to figure out math equations.

Alpha Rotation puts every trade in my lap by sending alerts straight to my cell phone and email with clear trading instructions on when and how to act.

I know the exact plan, how to execute it, and… there’s no need for me to analyze market action or read earning reports.

Without Alpha Rotation, comprehending Wall Street’s secret code would’ve been impossible.

Roger broke Wall Street’s complex formula into three easy to follow steps:

  1. Identify the economic cycle, which represents the natural fluctuation within the economy between periods of time and contraction.
  2. Associate the best sectors or determine which sectors react in bullish, bearish, or neutral market types.
  3. Apply the right strategy

And Roger’s right!

Roger Scott’s Alpha Rotation program rotates my entire portfolio into and out of positions every two weeks by focusing on the top 10 U.S. Sector ETFs, making it possible to laser target my exposure and reduce risk on every trade I take.

Overall, I like the system. It’s a great sidekick to traders that are interested in trading Sector ETFs or Options and is worthwhile when considering the potential gains.

Roger takes what looks like a difficult concept and converts it into a simple and understandable strategy.

And in today’s markets, you really need that edge…


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