WCHA Commissioner Still Promoting Western Super Conference Finale

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WCHA Commissioner Still Promoting Western Super Conference Finale


WCHA Commissioner Still Promoting Western Super Conference Finale


Today, I was listening to the KFAN podcast, Beyond the Pod. At the end of the podcast, at about 13:11 mark, the WCHA Commissioner Bill Robertson was on with Pat Micheletti and Brandon Mileski. During the summer, there’s not a lot of hockey content being discussed. So, if you’re not listening to this podcast, you’re missing a pretty good hockey talk show.

Obviously, UND fans we have Brad Schlossman, and his awesome content and that can be found here. Schlossman has moved away from the blog and is doing a feature called the Daily Skate. That said, Beyond the Pod is a good way to hear another perspective about other leagues and teams. You can listen to the podcast at this link.


Back to the KFAN Beyond the POD, in this week’s podcast, there were some great college hockey news nuggets. First, the WCHA Commissioner talked about the two Alaska Schools.  You will be happy to know that the two schools are safe. For now.

“They’re great members of our league and they’re not going anywhere,” Robertson said.

Get ready to roll your eyes. The WCHA commissioner is still plugging the silly idea that all three conferences should play their conference championship game on the same day, in the same facility.

“I would like to see the Big 10, the NCHC, and the WCHA all have their championship game on one weekend, at one facility”, Roberston said. “I’d love to see it at the Xcel Energy Center.  A team playing at noon, a team playing at four and a team playing at seven or 7:30. I think it would be as big as the old Final Five. And I think it would be bigger than the Frozen Four in a lot of aspects.”

First, I don’t see the Big Ten or the NCHC agreeing to this. Next, it’s not the job of the NCHC to rescue the Big Ten and WCHA. They tried having their championship at the Xcel Energy Center and they failed. Also, there are just too many moving parts to agree on. What channel will it be on? How do you divvy up the money?  Based on what I have seen, since realignment, is the NCHC is way out drawing the two other leagues. This is a sore that doesn’t need to be re-opened. 

Next, I just don’t see NCHC fans wanting to see MSU-M and BGSU playing in the Championship game. Imagine a Big Ten Championship game involving a team not named Minnesota? Yeah, no. I don’t see it happening. Feel free to disagree. 

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