Summer's Coming In And It's Going Outta Style

Summer's Coming In And It's Going Outta Style


Summer's Coming In And It's Going Outta Style


I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted, but I think you guys have been OK without me.  The above picture was from an article in the U-T this year.  I must have saved it right before the stretch run of the regular season.  Love how the picture is of Bosa sacking Kizer.  As bad as the loss at New England was, they did beat teams like Seattle, Pittsburgh and KC on the road when they absolutely had to.  The playoff win at Baltimore has to count for something too.  When the Chargers were 1-2 and lost to both the Chiefs and Rams I must admit that I didn’t see a 12-4 record coming.  Sure, I went to the one we had at that point in Buffalo.  But I didn’t have much confidence.

Of course, we’re still one of the Tortured Twleve clubs that don’t have a ring.  That doesn’t seem to be stopping people from hopping on the Browns bandwagon.  I think (as Bill Parcells once said about Tony Romo), we shouldn’t be breaking out the anointing oils just yet for Cleveland.  But my focus is as always the Chargers.  Melvin Ingram, who I have given a ton of shit for over the years and really made me eat crow last season, said it best.

Obviously, the biggest areas of concern are the lines, especially on defense.  I had no idea Philon would be so sought after in free agency.  Actually, I don’t know if other teams really coveted him or if Boltheads just felt like we needed someone young and with an upside since Mebane is neither of those things.  Of course, Jerry Tillery was drafted to fill that very spot.  I’ve made no secret of my lack of knowledge about college football, so I don’t know much about him.  I do know that he wasn’t seen as a total reach, which is good.  Then again, Bosa wasn’t seen as a home run either when he was drafted.

Bosa really showed a little of what I used to give Ingram a hard time about.  Actually, Ingram seemed to showboat and whiff on sacks.  No longer.  In fact, he’s been pretty clutch.  My only issue with Bosa is the lack of huge plays in big games against great teams.  It’s nice that he was filmed having a courteous exchange with Brady as we were getting the shit kicked out of ourselves in January and all.  It’s great that he had a jersey exchange with Hali in 2017 in KC.  Now that I think of it, Melvin Gordon used to do all that stuff too when we sucked.  He’s been huge in big games, so maybe I should rethink all this.

Even though cutting Addae was awesome and Thomas Davis could really upgrade the LBs, there still seems to be a belief that maybe Telesco is budgeting for Gordon and Bosa in the coming years.  As much as I might be looking to find faults in Bosa it may be because I fear that he’ll leave us after next year.  As Charger fans, we always complain when we see the teams we are chasing upgrading themselves.  We all can’t believe the Chargers don’t go after guys like Earl Thomas, Suh, or McCoy.  But I guess we need to trust Telesco.  We all wanted Brandon Flowers and Telesco made him come down to our price point.  Then he ended up being a bust, save for picking of the recently-retired EJ Manuel and keeping the Ravens in bounds on the last play of the 2014 game at Baltimore.

I know nothing about the safety from Delaware except he’s gotta be better than Addae.

If you ever saw either of the Fyre Festival documentaries, I noticed this in the Netflix one.  This guy was being interviewed coming off the plane after the doomed event.  Kinda genius.

Anyway, it’s a beautiful day in the middle of Memorial Day weekend.  I’m gonna leave now, Don Corleone, because I know you are busy.  But I’d like to dedicate this installment of JIC to Buffalo superfan Pancho Billa and Luke Perry.  You were both taken too soon.

He signed this for my wife for her bday one year.

Until next time.



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