8 Must-see Attractions in Dresden, Germany

8 Must-see Attractions in Dresden, Germany


8 Must-see Attractions in Dresden, Germany


Only a few European towns and cities are as adorable and striking as Dresden. Known as one of the most underrated places to visit in Europe, the city is a gorgeous and light-spirited hub filled with jaw-dropping views and architectural wonders. From baroque churches with impressive spires to stately architecture, this German city boasts a cornucopia of buildings that will leave you speechless and in awe during architecture walking tours. Furthermore, Dresden, Germany offers a pile of gems to appease the eyes of those who have a taste for art and history.

Interested in visiting Saxony’s capital? Need some tips and recommendations on things to do in Dresden? Guess what? We’ve got a handful of suggestions to help you experience a smashing urban adventure in Dresden, Germany!


Want to see something really gorgeous and Instagrammable? Then, make sure to include a pit stop to Residenzschloss to your list of things to do in Dresden, Germany! Set right at the heart of the city, Residenzschloss, or also referred as the Royal Palace, is a magnificent fortress-like building with a great deal of gripping history. From the 15th century to 1918, the palace served as a home to the mighty Saxon rulers. Lauded for its wondrous Renaissance revival architecture, the place also houses an impressive collection of exhibits and artifacts.

Grosser Garten

They call the Grosser Garden (Great Garden) as one of the most mesmerizing sights and attractions in Dresden for nothing. Uniquely design and amazingly verdant, it’s a wondrous baroque-style park with an eye-catching oblong shape. Opened in 1814 as a public park, the garden flaunts pathways and avenues that are so symmetrically arranged. Trust me, you won’t mind spend a ton of hours exploring the enthralling Grosser Garten.


With its eye-catching domed architecture, the city’s most celebrated landmark beautifully graces Dresden’s skyline. While it was bombed and totally destroyed during WWII, the church rose from the ashes, and was restored to its former splendor. Built originally as a Roman Catholic church, it’s now the epitome of beautiful Protestant architecture. With its colossal dome and remarkable design, you’ll love spending a lot of time gazing and admiring this church. As an added bonus, it has a viewing deck where you can savor awesome panoramas of the city.

The museums in Dresden, German

There’s no shortage of fabulous and informative museums in Dresden, Germany. For a memorable museum hopping experience, visit the Green Vault, Gemaldegalerie Alte Meister and Transport Museum. In addition, you might want to check out the Asisi Panometer Dresden and Military History Museum.

Zwinger Palace

Straddling and dazzling, the Zwinger Palace is by far one of Germany’s most beautiful edifices. Here, you’ll get to feast your eyes on tons of sensational sights, including diverse art collections, photogenic pavilions and lovely gardens.

Procession of Princes

No list of the best things to do and attractions in Dresden is complete without the inclusion of the Procession of Princes. A remarkable and awe-inspiring street mural, this Dresden attraction is a fascinating 300-foot porcelain art wall highlighting some of Saxony’s most popular rulers. Not only is it quite a sight to behold, but this large fresco will also give you a glimpse of the city’s history and culture. And, did I mention that you can see it without spending a dime?


Designed perfectly by Gottfried Semper, this glamorous building is a charming mash-up of Renaissance, Corinthian and Baroque architectural styles. Deemed as one of Europe’s finest opera houses, this grand and elaborate engineering marvel is best seen in the evening, when its lights highlight its one-of-a-kind and imperial beauty. And, once you step inside the opera house, you’ll also find a plethora of opulent decorations and features.


Yearning to see something offbeat in Dresden, Germany? Why not take a leisurely stroll along the pathways of Kunsthogpassage? As you explore Kunsthogpassage, you’ll get to catch sight of a string of psychedelic facades adorned with eccentric and refreshing designs, such as the Court of the Elements and Court of Animals. If you want to add more flair, color and style to your Instagram feed, you’d definitely want to put this attraction on top of your list of things to do in Dresden, Germany.

Did we miss anything at all? Just feel free to share your opinions and thoughts on the comment section!

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