Airsoft, Kayaking and More Outdoor Activities to Stay Fit

Airsoft, Kayaking and More Outdoor Activities to Stay Fit


Airsoft, Kayaking and More Outdoor Activities to Stay Fit


There’s nothing better to boost your confidence than a fit body, but there are times when it’s difficult to keep up with the challenges life throws at you. Maybe you have a family to support, and this cuts into your gym time, or you just got promoted and you have to invest more time in your career. Regardless of the situation, there are times in life when you have difficulties coping with everything on your plate and staying in shape!

But don’t worry; there are ways to work around these difficult times. For instance, the best way to recharge your batteries and get a good workout at the same time is to go outside and have some fun. Below we’ve listed the top five activities that will get you burning calories while releasing the stress accumulated during the week.

#1: Hiking

The cool thing about hiking is that it exposes you to nature, something we rarely do if we live in the city. And, according to specialists, being in nature is one of the best things we can do for our health! There is a special bond between us and the natural environment and it was proven that a quick walk in a forest or on a meadow, reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, and makes us happier. Not to mention that an average sized person would burn about 223 calories per 30 minutes of activity.

Furthermore, you don’t need any fancy equipment – just a pair of good walking boots and some water is enough. Still, you must pay attention to safety concerns so it’s best to always follow the trail and do a bit of research before you head off.

#2: Cycling

If you’re not a great walker, cycling is the next best thing to hiking. Even better, it burns about 370+ calories if you’re pedaling in a consistent rhythm.

The activity also requires minimum equipment and it is extremely pleasant especially if you’re following a scenic route. The team at stress that long bike rides are amazing for your physical and mental health and you can do them alone or with friends.

Still, if you don’t know the area, it’s best to take some safety measures and only follow the beaten path (or marked trail). Otherwise, if you feel a bit adventurous, you might take a forest path and lose yourself in a sea of green and beauty!

#3: Tennis

For those of you who are less adventurous, tennis can represent a nice Sunday activity. Even better, it’s something you can do with your friends and family, but it does require specialized equipment.

The physical and mental benefits are impressive, as this sport allows you to get increased reflexes, improve reaction times, and better bone density (fantastic as you get older). Not to mention, the activity will help you burn about 260 calories for every 30 minutes.

Still, you must consider that the risk of injury is slightly more elevated than with the other options. If you’re not playing at your current level of fitness, you can easily get tennis elbow or muscle tension.

#4: Airsoft or Paintball

If you’re the kind of person who enjoys group activities, airsoft and paintball are among the best you could wish for.

You get to be part of a team and devise a strategy, whilst the activity is both mentally and physically demanding. After a day on the field, chasing your enemies, you’ll feel completely depleted of energy but happy and recharged for the next day.

The secret to enjoying yourself with such activities stands in the guns you’re using. If with paintball things are pretty straightforward, with airsoft you have the possibility to choose from a plethora of equipment. This can range from a basic weapon like a glock airsoft gun to a sniper rifle. There are plenty of different brands to choose from too, including Umarex (read this guide on the brand that brought us the Glock) and Tokyo Marui.

#5: Kayaking

If you’re the adventurous kind, we recommend kayaking. There’s nothing more rewarding than a whole afternoon spent paddling away on a tumultuous river! Even more, the scenery can be amazing and you can share the experience with people you love (friends or family).

The benefits are considerable for your upper body and the sport is easy on the joints. Not to mention that you’ll be burning about 180+ calories every 30 minutes of intense activity.

But the risks are bigger as it’s a lot easier to get injured or even involved in a serious accident. So, make sure to get the proper training before jumping into water, and don’t forget about a helmet and life jacket.

The list could go on, but the idea is that you can enjoy your free time outdoors and get a worthwhile workout wherever you are.

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