NBA Finals Predictions from Hoop District

NBA Finals Predictions from Hoop District


NBA Finals Predictions from Hoop District


While the Washington Wizards still decide who will run the front office next, the NBA Finals are set to begin on Thursday. The Golden State Warriors face the Toronto Raptors starting in The Six. Here is how the Hoop District team thinks the last series of the season will play out.

Abdullah Sharif

  • Golden State in 5. A lone Raptors All-Star squaring up against three, maybe four, perhaps five Warriors All-Stars.

Joe Glorioso

  • Warriors in 5. On one side you have Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green and an ‘oh-crap’ panic button named DeMarcus Cousins and Kevin Durant. On the other side, there is only one Kawhi Leonard.

Neil Dalal

  • Warriors in 6. Defeating an inexperienced Giannis Antetokounmpo will be no comparison to the two-time defending champs.

Robert Banez

  • Warriors in 6. Despite Kevin Durant potentially being out for the duration of the NBA Finals, the Warriors experience and firepower will ultimately be too much to handle for Kawhi Leonard’s Raptors.

Noel Obusan

  • Warriors in 6. The Raptors are going to win some games at home but overall the Warriors’ talent and experience will put them at the top. And Kyle Lowry ain’t going do nothing.

Joshua Vinson

  • Warriors in 5. Golden State has proven time and time again in the West Conference Finals regardless of Kevin Durant’s status, they can win against anybody.

Michael Marzacco

  • Warriors in 6. In a fun, entertaining series both on the court and Drake in the front row, Kawahi Leonard and the Raptors will make this series interesting but Steph Curry and company will once again come out on top.

Erwin Go

  • Raptors in 7. In a David vs. Goliath showdown, Kawhi will seek his revenge against a ZaZa-less Warriors team and give the Raptors their first title.

Brandon Murphy

  • Raptors in 7. Kawhi Leonard and company are on a mission to bring a title to the fan base in Toronto.

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