Bets on Sports Shouldn’t Be Punished Says Joey Barton

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Bets on Sports Shouldn’t Be Punished Says Joey Barton


Bets on Sports Shouldn’t Be Punished Says Joey Barton


When you say Joey Barton, bets on sports and career-ending tackles spring to mind. Barton thinks that one of those things is needlessly demonized by people and the authorities. It is obvious that he is referring to bets on sports and not on leg-breakers and if you think that is shocking, you have probably never seen Joey Barton in action. The man just relishes chopping opponents down.

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Barton defends betting on sports with the same vigour that he lunges into a tackle and he does this because he firmly believes that what he says is true. This is because the former Newcastle United star has seen both sides of the coin and knows that the Football Association turns a blind eye to players who choose to wager on matches anonymously and directs all of its wrath towards players such as him, who place a bet and don’t try to hide the fact that they did that.

Half of the EPL Should Be Banned

By Barton’s rough estimates, in a dressing room in which 20 to 30 players receive enormous weekly wages, at least 15 of them would go on to place a part of those wages onto a betting slip. This is because it is intrinsic in all football cultures not just to play the sport, but also to be part of it by placing a bet on some of the matches that your peers take part in.

If we take what Barton says as true, than 50% of all football players plying their trade in the EPL occasionally place a wager and some do it more often than others. The big question is, why are they not getting caught?

Barton says that most of these players place bets through anonymous channels and rely on friends who have opened an account with a betting operator to place the bet for them. He even says that he has placed numerous bets from other players by using his betting account.

This might seem like Barton trying to clean his name, but when you consider that he has been accused of making bets on 1260 matches, this idea becomes much more plausible. He couldn’t have made that many bets even if he tried to.

Gambling is not Match Fixing

One of Barton’s strongest points is when he says that football players are punished because the gambling rules are not as flexible as they should be. His biggest problem is the fact that once you become a professional football player, you are banned from making any bets on any match.

This can even be interpreted as a violation of a player’s liberties and rights and many players have asked for these rules to be changed or modified so that the limitations remain within the realms of reason.

Another thing which bothers Joey is the fact that gambling on matches is a completely legal activity in the majority of the civilized world, but when a football player makes a bet it is immediately associated with match fixing.

He clearly states that there should be a clear line of differentiation between match fixing accusations and legal gambling activity, but the fact that he has been forced to serve an 18 month suspension because of gambling really says it all regarding the FA’s stance on the matter.

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