How to Become an EMT

How to Become an EMT


How to Become an EMT


A career as an emergency medical technician or a paramedic is a fulfilling way to help sick and injured individuals in emergency situations. You will be the first respondent in medical situations to provide care and transportation to the hospital. This article will guide you with helpful tips to becoming an EMT such as required training, certification, and other essentials. Below is information on how to become an EMT:

1) Enroll In an EMT Basic Training Program

EMT-B is the first of three levels for EMT training and certification. The training program is offered in many community colleges or technical institute and takes about six months to two years. This course helps you learn how to respond to emergencies and stabilize the different types of patients you transport. When the training program is over, you are required to take the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT). EMT-B is a challenging course, so you must study to pass the EMT certification exam. Studying with NREMT practice questions is one of the helpful steps to become an EMT.

2) Get Certified In CPR

Having a CPR certification is mandatory to get EMT certification. Some colleges require certification in CRP before enrolling while other training programs include CPR training in their curriculum. If CPR is not part of the training course, you should get CPR certification from organizations that offer it. You can join your local Red Cross or National Safety Council to get CPR certification.

3) Medical Requirements

Since you will be dealing with at-risk patients, you need to prove you are healthy. You must take a physical exam to show there are no physical or mental issues that limit your ability to fulfill career requirements. You need immunization records for Hepatitis B, TB, mumps, measles, and rubella. Also, you ought to get a tetanus booster, pass alcohol and drug tests, and be screened for TB. Additionally, try to be physically fit, have excellent motor skills, and perfect hearing and visual senses.

4) Essential Skills and Qualities

Not just anyone can be an EMT unless they have skills in communication, multitasking, working under pressure, and attention to detail. During the response, you need to communicate well with the sick patient and their family members. You also need to identify anomalies in the surrounding environment and assess the ill patients’ situation. Another vital skill to qualify as an EMT is mental strength to deal with graphic scenes from injuries without getting upset.

5) Have a Driver’s License

Part of your job description is being able to transport injured patients to the hospital. Your employer requires a valid driver’s license and a good driving record. Also, you need specialized training in driving an ambulance considering the weight and safety of the patient as well as equipment.

6) Try Getting Related Work Experience

It is quite a responsibility to handle medical emergencies, so having experience can help. You can volunteer at an ambulance service or fire department to get a sense of how emergency respondents work. Background knowledge is optional but helpful in preparing for a career as an EMT.

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