Who is The Best Dunker in NBA History?

Who is The Best Dunker in NBA History?


Who is The Best Dunker in NBA History?


Over the past numerous decades, the NBA has seen hundreds (or even thousands) of amazing slam dunks by many of their athletes.

From 7-foot post-players with powerful dunks to high-flying guards, there is no questioning the sheer exceptional athleticism that has been seen around this top-tier league.

Some of these players are so athletic and bouncy, that you could easily assume that they have specifically trained these abilities for years on end to obtain a higher vertical jump.

But out of all of these legends, who were the best dunkers to ever do it?

The answer to this question relies upon so many different factors including the player’s height, their vertical jump, the execution/style of the dunk, and many more.

Here in this article today, we will go over some of the best dunkers in NBA history and dissect the difference in their styles and capabilities that have allowed them to be seen as such great dunkers.

Now, let’s begin…

Dominique Wilkins


  • Height: 6 foot 8 inches
  • Weight: 224 pounds
  • Maximum Vertical Jump: 42 Inches
  • Dunking Style: Power

This guy was an absolute monster in his time. As one of the league’s best forwards of all time, we was constantly putting his opponents onto a poster no matter who it was. As a two-time NBA dunk contest champion, his amazing skills and vertical leap were both attributes that not many athletes were able to match.

His dunking style was one where he would use both his athleticism including his leap and his speed to get high above the rim for power dunks. As such, he is rated one of the best dunkers of all time.

Just check out his highlight reel plays, and you will see how many dunks he has had over his career: countless!

Lebron James


  • Height: 6 foot 8 inches
  • Weight: 250 pounds
  • Maximum Vertical Jump: 44 inches
  • Dunking Style: Power & Flight

Considered arguably the best player of all time not only in his position but in the history of the NBA, we believe that Lebron should be in this conversation for one of the best dunkers of all time. As one of the greatest athletes in the world in any sport, this 6 foot 8 beast has powered through multiple defenders ending it off with a posterizer on your team’s best defender.

Although he has not been in any of the NBA’s dunk contests, there is no doubt against his ability to slam dunk. His infamous high-flying tomahawk jams are jaw-dropping, especially when he has done it multiple times in a single game.

Remember his dunk when he literally jumped over John Lucas III? That is history right there!

Michael Jordan

  • Height: 6 foot 6 inches
  • Weight: 216 pounds
  • Maximum Vertical Jump: 48 inches
  • Dunking Style: Flight & Gracious

He is the GOAT, the best player of all time, the 5th all-time NBA scoring leader, it is none other than Your Airness. Not only has he been remembered for so many dominating performances against such great opponents, but for his dunks as well.

This guy has done it so well and graciously, that his trademark Jordan logo is a historical symbol in today’s day and age. With the highest vertical jump in the history of the NBA, it seemed like he was in the air for hours at a time before he finally landed.

Michael Jordan is no question considered one of the greatest dunkers of all time. He changed the game and even the greatest dunkers today started off with the inspiration from seeing him dunk throughout his entire career.

Shawn Kemp

  • Height: 6 foot 10 inches
  • Weight: 230 pounds
  • Maximum Vertical Jump: 40 inches
  • Dunking Style: Posterizer & Style

If you don’t know Shawn Kemp, you are too young for this…

Just kidding.

But for real, Kemp was known for his ability to put guys on a poster and mock them at the same time. He was an absolute showman.

Although he wasn’t particularly as great of a player as the ones mentioned above, there was no denying his dunking ability. Once defenders found themselves under the rim, they could only pray and hope that they wouldn’t be his next victim.

Vince Carter

  • Height: 6 foot 6 inches
  • Weight: 220 pounds
  • Maximum Vertical Jump: 43 inches
  • Dunking Style: Style & Form

Vince Carter has done it all. From jumping over a 7 foot defender, to revolutionizing the cleanliness of them windmill form, Vinsanity is widely considered the greatest dunker of all time.

His 360-windmill dunk during the 2000 NBA Dunk Contest is still replayed over and over again today, and we will never get sick of it. With so many athletic freaks in today’s league, there has still not been any player that has been able to match his perfect execution of the slam dunk.

Even at his age, he gets into the air to dunk whenever he has a clear chance to. And the crowd goes wild. Every time.

So there you have it. Some of the greatest dunkers of all time.

As time passes, we will see younger players that match the greatness of these five players’ dunks.

But for now, they we will have to wait a little longer until they are mentioned with these all-time legends.

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