The Mets’ bullpen did not blow a lead on Sunday, so there’s that.

The bad news is that they still lost a lifeless 7-1 game to Arizona to finish up a 2-5 road trip which could have easily been 4-3 against one World Series contender and one halfway decent team on the road. Instead, they prove that you are what your record says you are. Steven Matz wasn’t great, and the Mets couldn’t hit somebody named Merrill Kelly, who sounds like he served in the highest level of government for a couple of weeks.

Cue the chorus for a new manager. And although the Wilpons haven’t shown in their history that they’re willing to pay a person not to manage even for four months, I suppose there’s always a chance for that to happen. But think of this: The Mets have three games with the awful Giants next. Then starting June 7th and going through the All Star break,  the Mets have three games against the Rockies who have had a great May, four games against the Yankees, four games against the Cardinals, six games against the Braves, four games against the Cubs, and seven games against the Phillies. That’s 28 games against teams that have a combined 195-153 record (pending the Yankees’ Sunday night game against Boston.)

If the Mets get themselves a new manager, he had better be Jesus or Michael Carbonaro.

Today’s Hate List

Man, I’m too tired to hate anybody today. I feel like a cobra without venom, which would make me a belt.

  1. Brandon Belt?

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