How Foam Rolling Is Helping Athletes Speed Up Post Match Recovery

How Foam Rolling Is Helping Athletes Speed Up Post Match Recovery


How Foam Rolling Is Helping Athletes Speed Up Post Match Recovery


Foam rolling has really transformed how athletes look to recover from hard matches. Because of the effectiveness of foam rolling itself, many athletes are turning to it as a desirable routine in order to speed up recovery times post workout, match, or game.

Next, we’ll be going over why it works and some of the benefits athletes are experiencing from using it.

How and Why Does Foam Rolling Work?

When it comes to foam rolling, it works by stimulating the nervous system by providing external pressure to the receptors in order to get rid of post-workout pains. It is a quick and easy stretching technique that can help induce muscle relaxation, improve range of motion, and even reduce soreness and improved tissue recovery.

When combined with speciality vibrating foam rollers like the one from Nextrino, you can reap the benefits with less of a time investment.

Evidence has shown that the use of foam rollers can reduce delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) that many athletes experience post workout.

Benefits Of Foam Rollers For Athletes:

1. Stimulate Blood Flow.

One of the main reasons foam rolling offers so many benefits for athletes in the post-recovery phase has to do with the fact that it is capable of stimulating blood flow throughout the lower leg area. By using foam rollers, you will be able to improve blood circulation and provide much more oxygen to the worn out muscles.

This is going to improve the ability to get them to recover at a faster rate because it will help the tissues to get repaired at a much quicker pace.

2. Reduce Buildup Of Lactic Acid.

Another reason why foam rolling is such an effective option for athletes looking to speed up post-workout recovery has to do with their effectiveness in getting rid of lactic acid buildup. Anytime an athlete uses their muscles through strenuous exercise, lactic acid builds up in the muscles.

This is ultimately what keeps athletes from pushing even harder because it can cause cramps and pain. By using foam rollers directly post-workout or match, it is going to help break down the lactic acid buildup which can provide a jumpstart to the post-workout recovery process. The lactic acid buildup can inhibit the body from repairing itself as quickly as possible.

3. Reduce Inflammation

Whenever an athlete participates in strenuous exercise, they are going to experience an increase in inflammation throughout their body. This inflammation can inhibit muscle and tissue repair. A foam roller is capable of encouraging a reduction in inflammation throughout the body through increased blood circulation.

4. Increase Range Of Motion

Another area where foam rolling can prove to be very beneficial for athletes is through the range of motion. Foam rollers are capable of helping to increase the overall range of motion through proper muscle activation and by loosening tight muscles. Much like how a traditional massage works, the muscles are able to stretch further when they are worked properly.

Overall, there are so many different ways athletes are benefiting from using foam rolling post-match. Not only does foam rolling provide many benefits to get an athlete back on the field or on the court, but it can really help with the natural recovery process. It can help an athlete deal with and to minimize pain. Along with this, it can help with getting rid of lactic acid buildup after a strenuous exercise.

Lastly, it is capable of increasing the overall range of motion and stimulating better circulation throughout the body which can help to reduce inflammation. For these reasons, it is one of the best post workout or post-match routines that can provide various benefits to athletes looking to get back into the game and to recover quicker.



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