A True Story Of Fantasy

A True Story Of Fantasy


A True Story Of Fantasy


Got an e-mail from a friend today, who ironically lives in San Francisco. It simply said:

“Need a big start out of your boy Vargas tonight!”

Can you believe that? Somebody willingly picked up Jason Vargas for his fantasy team.

I, playing the part of my usual optimistic self replied: “Good luck with that.” After going seven innings against the Dodgers in a 2-0 loss the other night, there’s no way I figured that Vargas would see the late innings twice in a row. But once I got a phone call from the guy later on who said “Jason Vargas is 22 outs away from a perfect game”, I really should have known. He obviously did, and now he’s going to win his fantasy league … probably because everybody is going to give up at this point because how can you beat a guy who picks up Jason Vargas right before a complete game shutout?

Yes, it’s the Giants. I get it. Yes, it’s quite possible that Jason Vargas might never do this again. Yes, Handsome Art Howe might never, ever pull a starter again after the Syndergaard debacle. But man, it’s nice to finally have a fifth starter that can do that every once in a while, especially when it’s the fifth starter that has been under our noses all along.

Now the only thing for us to do is wonder which 1800’s French physicist’s spirit entered the body of Vargas and made him pitch like Koufax. It’s like an 80’s NBC drama. Manimal. Or Cop Rock. It could be called “Quantum Entanglement”. Where Fantasy (baseball) meets Physics.

That’s no founding father … THAT’S THE FRENCH PHYSICIST!!!

Update: my friend just e-mailed me this:

“Giants offense stinks. I should probably cut bait before he starts in the Bronx.”

Cancel the television idea.

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