Blues are one win away from hockey greatness

Blues are one win away from hockey greatness


Blues are one win away from hockey greatness


The St. Louis Blues are one win away from hockey immortality thanks to an incredible performance from Jordan Binnington and one lucky break from the officials. Game 5’s win, which will unfortunately be remembered for the missed call rather than Binnington’s dominant effort, placed the Blues in a fairly tale position to clinch the Stanley Cup at home in Game 6.

One more win. Just one more win.

The Blues are so close to ending what has been an unthinkable run from the bottom of the NHL standings to the ultimate summit. The stories that have filled the unlikely run have been moving, hard to believe and are all deserving of a dream ending.

Honestly, it’s still pretty difficult to believe that this is all actually happening. The Blues even participating in the Stanley Cup Final seems so unlikely after 50+ years of hockey pain, frustration and disappointment. How often have we all dreamed about this moment? How crazy does it sound that the Blues just need to find a lone victory to win it all?

Now, it’s all down to the Blues finding one more win. If they’re able to find one final winning performance in Game 6 at the Enterprise Center …

Well, let’s just say the entire city might need to close down for a lengthy celebration. The craziness that surrounded the area after Game 4’s win may have just been a preview of what’s to come.

The Blues have an opportunity – two if we’re being technical – to hoist the Stanley Cup and place their names in hockey history and sports history. They can accomplish what’s never been done and become one of the true Cinderella stories in all of sports.

Make it happen. Just one more win.

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