10 Self-Care Strategies for People with Joint Pain


10 Self-Care Strategies for People with Joint Pain


10 Self-Care Strategies for People with Joint Pain


If you are suffering from acute joint pains, here are 10 self-care strategies to help you mitigate the painful condition. All of these strategies can be done in the convenience of your own home.

1. Stay Active:

Even at times when your arthritis hurt, still find the motivation to stay Active.  Physical activity is unarguably one of the best ways of staying healthy and improving the quality of your life. To boost your energy, strengthen your muscles, bones and keep those painful joints flexible, embark or regular exercises.

Resistance training builds stronger muscles and provides strong support for arthritis affected joints. Work out frequently in the park or anywhere to burn calories and lose weight. Been overweight can put pressure on the joints, so ensure you shed the right pounds to stay in shape?

2. Eat healthy meals:

There are no cut corners to a balanced diet.  The right nutrients in the right proportions will help ease the pain of arthritis and joint pain.  Fruits, vegetables and food items rich in vitamin C are great. Pay attention also to Omega-3 fatty acid sources because they have anti-inflammatory compounds to combat pain.

3. Lose Weight:

As we mentioned earlier, being overweight places much pressure on the already painful joints, knees and spine.  If you are overweight, you need to work extra hard to shed those pounds. We know it isn’t easy but it will be worthwhile. Undertaking a weight loss program is an uphill task for a lot of people but there are tricks and tips to help you stay motivated to the end.

Weight loss programs can last for as long as 3 months with radical shifts in eating habits. Be prepared ahead of time to avoid falling in the bandwagon of failure.

4. Get regular sleep:

Sleeping well relieves the strain on the joints giving room for blood circulation to areas of inflammation.  If you make it a habit of going to bed at the same time every night you will dramatically improve your condition. Purchase specially-designed pillows and mattresses specific for those with joint pains.

5. Apply gentle heat or Cold press:

Applying gentle heat or cold press to areas of joint pain could offer short-term relief. Gentle heat increases blood circulation to the affected area why cold press will reduce the swelling of painful joints.

6. Use slight medication:

There are many anti-inflammatory drugs that are sold over the counter to help you cope with the condition of acute joint pain. Acetaminophen is popular with athletes as a potent drug for joint pain that doesn’t upset the stomach.  Medications should be used with caution and sometimes under the supervision of a professional medical practitioner because of the side effects of some of them. Liver problems and bleeding gastrointestinal tract is a common occurrence with anti-inflammatory drugs.

7. Make use of supplement:

Try supplementing your Diet with the right pills that have a proven track record of treating arthritis and joint pain. You can discuss supplements with a medical doctor or a professional in this field. If you use supplements to tackle joint pain, the results are not instantaneous,  you will have to wait a while before positive results surface.

8. Use supportive Aids:

Split, braces, and household machinery can help ease the discomfort of painful joints by adequately massaging those areas. Hand and back massagers are readily available in the market and can improve joint pain.

9. Seek support:

Living with a painful joint condition it’s not easy.  Watching others move around freely doing the things you normally do easily can be quite daunting. Locate supportive family and friends who are sympathetic towards your condition to help you out by offering advice and motivation.  Sign up for online forums that contain groups with individuals with the same condition. There is a ton of information on how to combat joint pain online.

10. Stay positive and motivated:

Winning the battle over arthritis and joint pain is half won mentally. You need to have a positive outlook on yourself and what you can achieve if you stick to your plan.  Develop new hobbies and have an active lifestyle to get your mind off the pain. Pay attention on your strengths rather than your weaknesses. Fuel your passion and starve your insecurities.



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