The Twins don't add (yet)

The Twins don't add (yet)


The Twins don't add (yet)


The Twins, for better or worse, did not add either of the big names still available on the free agent market. Craig Kimbrel went to the Cubs and Dallas Keuchel to the Braves after the Major League Baseball Draft meant that signing them was no longer tied to draft pick compensation. The Twins were widely reported to be “in on” both pitchers, but ultimately, they were beaten out by those national league teams.

There is consternation and blame going around for the Twins not getting either player. Many blame the Twins organization for being cheap, but the truth is, the Twins haven’t had a recent run in the post season, which seemed to appeal to Kimbrel, and aren’t a southern team, which seems to have held sway with Keuchel.  Still and all, the bullpen is the Twins’ weak point, and this seemed a prime time to add to the bullpen.

The good news is, however, that better options will present themselves over the next 7-8 weeks. The Twins are definitely contending, and they definitely know where they can add to round out the team. The Twins will find someone to compliment the staff in time for the trade deadline.

When developing a team like the Twins are, with a stable core but with limited resources, the Twins need two things to happen. First, they need to not waste their opportunities, and if they are going to heavily invest in a player, they need to make sure they are going to stick around for a while.

Neither Kimbrel nor Keuchel has pitched this year, and it would be tough for me, anyway, to commit a lot of money to a player who may not ever be up to speed in this critical season. There are many players that already are o will soon be available on the trade market.

These players would be key additions, and a safer choice as they have already been working this year, and would immediately step into the pitching staff, ready to work. And the Twins have farm more prospect capital than financial capital, allegedly. It seems like a no brainer that the Twins seek to acquire a pitcher, and now they have the flexibility to go after a commodity that has already pitched well this year, and perhaps someone who will be on the team, inexpensively, for a couple of years. Neither Kimbrel nor Keuchel really fit, but the Twins will fine someone that will.

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