Best CBD For UFC Fighters

Best CBD For UFC Fighters


Best CBD For UFC Fighters


The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is a US-based mixed martial arts promotion company. It produces regular UFC competitions and has done so since 1993. The connection between UFC fighters and CBD may not appear all that obvious on the outside but what brought the two elements together was when UFC fighters started vaping CBD in 2016. That not only caused the CBD market to explode, it also put pressure on the World Anti Doping Agency. It was in September of 2017 when that group dropped CBD off of their banned substance list.

It’s no surprise, really. Fighters already know that CBD helps them to recover faster, better and permits hitting peak performance more frequently. You could say that CBD has enhanced more than one UFC fighters career. In fact, UFC Hall of Famer Forrest Griffin actively promotes CBD for fighters and others. What makes CBD so attractive to this demographic is that it won’t interact with other supplements these fighters are already taking as part of their fitness regime.

The Many Benefits of CBD For Fighters

If you have only considered CBD edibles or CBD tinctures for use in treating various health issues, you won’t believe the many benefits that UFC fighters have found through the use of these cannabis products. You don’t even have to be an Ultimate Fighting Champion to experience the ways in which CBD can assist you in recovering from any kind of sporting activity. The list includes the following:

  • CBD reduces inflammation and swelling during and after training
  • CBD reduces the levels of cortisol (an anti-catabolic stress hormone) in your body
  • CBD promotes rest by relaxing your body so you can recovery during a good night’s sleep
  • CBD reduces your appetite which aids in cutting weight
  • CBD clears your mind helping you to focus so you can be a better fighter

How CBD Reduces Inflammation

CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system that exists inside each and every human. The system is responsible for the regulation of virtually every body function. CBD will actually bind to the CB2 receptors in the endocannabinoid system which has a greater impact on reducing inflammation.

How CBD Reduces Cortisol

CBD has been found in research studies to have a profound effect on cortisol levels in the bloodstream. THC, the other well-known cannabidiol found in cannabis actually induces anxiety which activates the body’s adrenal system which releases high concentrations of cortisol into the bloodstream. CBD does quite the opposite. Research has revealed that CBD will actually interfere with the release of cortisol. In other words, CBD acts as a blocker.

How CBD Promotes Rest

CBD is not actually a sedative because in low doses it will activate the same adenosine receptors that caffeine does. When this happens, it blocks the action of its substrate which results in a prevention of sleep. When CBD is administered in moderate to high doses, it doesn’t activate the receptors which then promote relaxation which leads to sleep.

How CBD Reduces Your Appetite

Where THC will stimulate your appetite, CBD does the exact opposite. It will actually suppress your appetite which makes it a viable anti-obesity agent. If you over eat and have a great deal of difficulty controlling the intake of food into your body, CBD could have the potential to assist in helping you to lose weight. It is already being used in this manner by UFC fighters and other athletes who require maintaining certain weight thresholds in their sporting careers.

How CBD Helps You To Focus

The endocannabinoid system is regulated by CBD. The endocannibinoid system also regulates all the main functions of the body which includes all cognitive functions. Research has produced evidence that points to CBD use as improving not just mental health but also mental performance and behavior.

Why UFC Fighters Are Good Examples

If you have not viewed a UFC event, you have no idea what the intensity of the average match entails. There are many impacts to the body in places where there is no additional padding for protection. It is virtually a street fight that has been amplified to the nth degree. The fighters are truly beaten and hurting once the match is concluded.

For UFC fighters to give CBD the nod as an essential part of their recovery program speaks volumes on the type of health benefits any type of athlete can receive by using CBD. Because CBD permits a UFC fighter to recover from injury faster and in effect become stronger in less time than traditional healing methods, it provides opportunity for fighters to reach their peak performance levels quicker and more often.

What Balance CBD Does

These are the three main reasons that UFC fighters turn to Balance CBD products as part of their fitness program:

  • Balance CBD promotes pain management as well as fast recovery
  • Balance CBD prevents weight gain by keeping your metabolism in check
  • Balance CBD enhances athletic performance and endurance

Why UFC Fighters Use Balance CBD

There are a lot of reasons why you should use Balance CBD. Here are three key factors that make it attractive for fighters:

  • Balance CBD contains less that 0.01% THC making it legal
  • Balance CBD offers online support
  • Balance CBD is an all-natural, high-quality product


As with any kind of product there are cons. The list here is very short regarding Balance CBD:

  • For some, the cost may appear expensive but quality does cost
  • Can only purchase in U.S.A
  • Is only available direct online

What does Former UFC Champion Forrest Griffin say about Balance CBD

-Visit BalanceCBD #1 Choice for Fighters-

In Conclusion

As you can see, CBD does wonders for athletes. Even if you are not what you would consider an ultimate fighting champion, CBD when used to help you recover from any type of injury will help you to become a champion in whatever it is you do, and it will get you there much quicker than traditional methods. Coming from fighters like Forrest Griffin, who has since retired from the sport with a win loss record of 19-7 with 3 KOs, CBD is going to help you in ways you have never imagined before.

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