Slow Bike Racing - Hilarious Alternative To The Tour de France

Slow Bike Racing - Hilarious Alternative To The Tour de France


Slow Bike Racing - Hilarious Alternative To The Tour de France


For any bicycle enthusiast out there, the thrill of riding a bike comes when you are moving at a neck-break speed, with the wind blowing through your hair and your adrenaline pumping. This is the essence of a cycling competition; what we see in the Tour de France.

However, there is a new phenomenon in the world of biking that goes against the grain…Slow Biking. The trend is gaining traction and attracting fans in various parts of the world that have even gone as far as to hold a Slow Biking competition.

What is Slow Biking?

Slow biking basically involves riding your bicycle as slowly as you possibly can without falling off. Some people actually consider this to be a competitive sport! The object of slow biking is to complete an eleven-meter track in the slowest time possible; something that requires a lot of balance and agility.

The rules of the sport dictate that your feet do not touch the ground during the ride and that your bicycle stays within the confines of the track boundaries.  Ridiculous as it may sound, the last person to finish ends up being the winner! And even though the spectators are not as lively as on a high-speed bike race, they still enjoy the focus, balance, and conviction of the race participants.

Why Slow Biking?

There are actually many positives to the slow biking movement. When everyone is racing through traffic, slow biking teaches you to take a breather and enjoy the moment. The practice is more about the journey and not the destination.

Slow biking is about riding your bicycle, whether to work or play, in a casual and relaxed manner. It reminds you to revel in the self-propelled movement that only you can generate. You also get to enjoy the landscapes and sceneries as you ride along at a leisurely pace.

It is a great way to get participants and new fans to take note of just how fast our society is moving and persuade them to look at this from an alternative point of view. Slow biking movement celebrates the bike, not as a tool of speed, but as an enjoyable way to get around.

This burgeoning movement is trying to show people that you can have a wonderful biking experience without getting drenched in sweat or burning the calories. The bicycle, after all, was invented to help us move around; not to be the tool of exercise that most people have turned it to be.

Part of the appeal rests in rolling quietly and slowly along a wooded trail as you enjoy the songs of the birds while chatting with your friend. Riding side by side gets you to socialize with fellow participants and connect over a sport that you both enjoy.

Improving your Slow Biking Skills

The best way to be a good slow biker, just like in any other sport, is to practice. You can do this by going on an easy ride with a friend or your young boy. This way, you’ll be forced to ride at a pace that comfortably allows you to maintain a conversation with the person riding beside you.

Another great way you can do this is by going on a journey of exploration. Go riding on a secluded path in the woods with the aim of looking around and enjoying the sights; not just to pass by. These interesting sights and landscapes will cause you to slow down so as to make the most of the moment.


Slow biking is a new sport that is causing a stir in the biking world. It is something that gives you a different perspective of bike use from what we have all become accustomed to. The best part is the flexibility when it comes to the type of bike you can use, but a cruiser bike will work just fine.

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