How to learn to think positively? OK-Dating bloggers’ 2019 digest ☆

How to learn to think positively? OK-Dating bloggers’ 2019 digest ☆


How to learn to think positively? OK-Dating bloggers’ 2019 digest ☆


Everyone already knows that our thoughts influence our mood. We can get up in the morning and say to ourselves: “What a wonderful day” and it will be really wonderful for us, and we can say with a sour look: “Monday” and go to work, study, etc. with a dull face.  We live in a dynamic world where everything changes very quickly.  Our mood is not set by what kind of situation we get, but how we react to them.  Every situation can be beaten in a positive way and if you learn to think positively, life as a whole will get better.

I see a beautiful girl in front of me and if I thought: “Damn, somehow lazy to get acquainted today” — then I would form a negative in myself, but if I thought about how I touch her and how she sits in my hands — here are completely different thoughts. I then want to approach her, to get acquainted.  When you fight with a girl and try to tell her a bunch of negative things — it’s much easier to say: “You’re so sexy in anger.”  And everything immediately becomes much easier.

Each of us has a free choice, we can choose those with whom we are pleased to communicate, we can think the way we want, we can do what we enjoy.  Everyone can develop for themselves life attitudes that will help in life to think positively.  I also have my own attitudes that shape my positive mood:

  • I am pleased with myself.
  • I am pleased with the people who surround me.
  • What I do — brings me pleasure.
  • I feel confident while communicating with ladies.
  • I cross out in my life things which bring negative.
  • Everything that is done is for the better.
  • Everything depends on me.

I am pleased with myself. 

This is the first thing that gives me positive thoughts and positive.  When I have an excellent hairstyle, I’m well-dressed, it smells wonderful of me, I just trudge away from myself, look and say to myself: 

“Yes, you are handsome.”  This gives me confidence, vitality, I am pleased with myself, which means it is part of my inner satisfaction — it forms positive thoughts.

I am pleased with the people who surround me. 

I cannot be positive at the moment when I am surrounded by people with whom I feel uncomfortable.

Therefore, I am always surrounded by people with whom I feel at ease. There are not many of them, but I know that I can rely on them — that’s just the point here, not in quantity, but in quality.  I’m glad that these people surround me, they make me laugh and share my interests.  This pushes me into positive thoughts because I understand that there are people who think just like me.

What I do brings me pleasure.

I am engaged exclusively in what I like, I write articles for my site, I work on my favorite work, I communicate and get to know the girls, I am interested in. Many people living in modern realities are always busy with work and career growth.

In such a confusion, there is simply no time left to search for your love anywhere in theaters or museums. Therefore, most resourceful people are looking for a soul mate without leaving the computer. They do it on the internet. At the same time, it is essential to follow the necessary recommendations listed together in blog about relationships.

I feel confident while communicating with ladies.Communication can begin at any time, without inventing any pretext for dating, and just stop if it turns out that the person does not suit you.

Online dating saves time. It’s not necessary to go on a date with every person on the site. You start to get acquainted with the girl — you like to communicate with her. You take from life those moments that bring you pleasure. Try to understand your beloved one. Men seem to have accepted the fact that they will never understand women. The make jokes about these difficulties with their friends, and they avoid talking about it with their women. But they also do not want to live alone, so they wonder how to adapt to family life.

The first dating advice for men is that you should arise the problems in a dialogue with a woman. Do not run away from them to friends or someone else.

There some advice you should stick to in order to make your life easier and brighter:

I cross out in my life things, which bring negative. 

I quickly cross out all people when I realize that this all brings a continuous overweight to the nervous system. 

I stopped believing in some kind of prophecy about the end of the world and I do not care what others say about me, it’s important to me what my close people think about me. I just isolated myself from the negative environment, which lives apart from my world. I do not take someone else’s problems to heart; I can give advice for solving them if I’m interested.

Everything that is done is for the better.

I’m not at all upset if I do not succeed, or I have not achieved something in my life.  I’m just building new ways to achieve my goal. I never regret, about what could have been otherwise, it happened, so it’s necessary. I did so, I wanted so and I like it.
It all depends on me.  Yesterday I planned my day for today, today I go for a walk with my friends and I am sure that it will be fun, I’m so set up and I’m sure of it.  Because today I will be in a good mood and I will ask a good atmosphere, there are no secrets, everything is in me, I want to see the world more colorful and I see it, I find it positive even in the most ridiculous situations, and this brings me positive thinking.  My life is positive.  Thanks to the attitudes of life, you simply sift out the negative, it is not in your life, and therefore not where to take negative thoughts.  At the exit, you get either neutral calm or a positive charge with every day.

Educate the ability in yourself to transform your inner experiences into positive thoughts.  When I complain about my work for some reason, I remember the miners who work 24 hours a day and I understand that my work is just a fairy tale.  In comparison, one can understand that our life is much better than we think.

We learn to think positively or to find positive in situations:
1. Negative setting: Today is Monday — when it all will finally end and I will get a good sleep
2. Positive attitude: Wow!  Monday! Such a beautiful fog in the street.
1. Negative setting: Today is Tuesday — still so far to Friday
2. Positive attitude: Today is Tuesday cool because it is not Monday already.

All these moments are important, but it is impossible to observe them soullessly. The foundation for strong relationships is love. If you love, then it will be enough to get some simple knowledge and advice. And if there is no love – no advice will help. Man and woman are very different, but they are also two parts of one holistic world. They are destined from above to be together. To achieve harmony in relationships and be happy, adhere to the simple principles of peaceful coexistence.

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