Can Writing Skills Help Build a Sports Career?

Can Writing Skills Help Build a Sports Career?


Can Writing Skills Help Build a Sports Career?


It might sound like a confusing connection for most: How could strong writing skills possibly help you advance in a sports career? Isn’t that all about skills, persistence, physical prowess? While it might sound tentative, writing is something that can undoubtedly provide you with the advantages in your sports career. Since most professional athletes start off while in school, that’s where you can begin laying the foundation that you need. You’ll be able to develop the professional writing skills.

Academics are Important… Even With a Sports Scholarship

If you’re a college athlete, you’re likely already the recipient of an athletic scholarship. However, there are other scholarships to consider: Namely, academic ones. Even if you have a full-ride scholarship based on your sport achievements, you still need to maintain your grades. The importance of writing skills will become evident if your grades slip and you have to leave. Use sites such as or another similar free essay checker to help you with an essay and plagiarism in it that might be causing you troubles. Not only is an essay plagiarism checker an invaluable tool, but it can keep you from making a costly mistake when turning in work. Never plagiarize!

The Risks of a Sports Career

Let’s be honest here: Sports careers can be a risky business. There are many things that could lead you sidelined permanently. A bad case of pneumonia could mean you aren’t healthy enough to play anymore. Or an injury could do permanent damage. More insidious but still possible is that your coach just doesn’t like you. Whatever the case, you need to develop academic skills outside of sport. If the worst happens, you have a backup. If it doesn’t, you have more marketable and usable skills. Good writing skills will help, no matter what happens.

Good Communication is Key

Communication used to be a more formal process. Now, it’s done much more often and much more informally. In any career, there are going to be times when you need to communicate clearly and professionally. Writing in the workplace happens, no matter what your workplace is. Having the ability to communicate efficiently is something any professional should have.

Better Resumes

While you don’t have to ask David Ortiz or Lebron James for their resumes, most professional athletes don’t make it to superstar status. Because of that, even if everything goes well in your career, you still need to be able to put together a good resume. It’s a mark of professionalism and will help you stand out from those who rely on nothing but their actions, and not their words.

Life After Playing Sports

Most professional athletes don’t continue on past their early thirties. That means that, even if you end up as one of the most renowned athletes of all the times, you’re going to need a backup plan for what to do afterwards. One of the most common jobs for retired athletes is as sports journalists or commentators. It’s a career that still keeps them engaged in the sport they love, even after they’ve stopped competing. This is where your ability to write can become incredibly important. Also, if you know exactly what happened at a sporting event, you’ll need to communicate it, so that everyone knows and understands, as well. That takes writing ability.

Why is writing important in life? It is essential because it is a skill that almost everyone uses and needs. It’s how we, as people, communicate in a clear, easy-to-understand manner. Whether you believe your career will require a lot of writing or not, it’s something that you should put effort into.

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