Suspended In Incompletion

Suspended In Incompletion


Suspended In Incompletion


I’m never going to look to the umpires to give the Mets any outs here. Edwin Diaz did not get the job done in the 9th inning as he choked away a two run lead to the Cardinals.

But for crissakes, it was pouring in the 8th inning. POURING! That game could have easily been called after the inning for a Mets victory with that infield looking like an ice skating rink. Then to make matters worse, the umpires couldn’t decide whether to delay the game or not before the ninth even started, as the tarp came out and then the umps decided “nah, false alarm.”  Then when they took the tarp back, it started raining harder again. All while Diaz is standing around in the dugout. When he came out it must have felt like his second inning of work.

All that said, the Cardinals were standing around too. It was only a nine minute rain delay. Boo hoo. Leadoff walks will get you every time, and Diaz’s walk to Marcell Ozuna right off the bat was a bad sign. Diaz then got two outs which meant that if the nine minute rain delay had an effect on him, it was over. But Kolten Wong and Harrison Bader got two out hits off of Diaz and a game that was in the bag at 4-2 is now at 4-4, suspended because of the rain and to be resumed at 6:10 on Friday. (Bader’s hit came on a ball that Wilson Ramos wanted Diaz to stick on the outside corner, but it bled inside.) So from now until then, we’re in that incomplete place where we’re still mad at Diaz (boy that trade looks better and better, doesn’t it?) But we’re still waiting for a resolution while Thursday’s game is in zombie state. To be angry for 18 hours will be a challenge, and we must pace ourselves and hope that whoever is leading off for the Mets in the ninth at 6:10 will pop off a dinger and make things easy.

Although the Cardinals will probably sign Justin Upton this morning.

Today’s Hate List

  1. Lousy umpiring crew
  2. Andy Martino
  3. Chase Utley
  4. Appreciation
  5. Gratitude

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