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Global Online Gambling Market Trends That Drive The Industry

The gambling industry is one of the most profitable ones in the world. It’s frequented by millions of people and grows significantly. Here are the main numbers you have to be aware of to know what’s going on.

Market growth

It’s not a surprise that the online gambling industry grows. But how exactly does it grow?

The gambling industry overall generates well over $400 billion a year in turnover. The online gambling industry is generating about $50 billion now and will grow to a size of $73 billion by 2023. It grows at 10% a year, which doesn’t exceed the general growth numbers, so it’s going to stay on par with the gambling industry as a whole.

In some countries, however, the share of online gambling is 35% and growing.

People who gamble

A surprising number of people gamble. The number is as high as 1.6 billion, 20% of the worldwide population. In the leading countries like the UK, the number is even bigger. According to the latest UKGC statistics, 46% of Brits gambled at least once during the last year. 20% of them the population gambled online.

Women and men gamble on par with each other, with women being in the lead when it comes to gambling online.

People gamble mostly in their free time to have fun and to win money. These two motivations score approximately the same in most countries as found in review of JackpotCash casino.

Regions that gamble

Not all regions gamble the same. Australia, Singapore, and Ireland top the list of countries that lose the most. Gambling losses per capita are as high as $1000 in Australia.

Gambling revenues as the biggest in Macau, Singapore, and Australia. The countries are still holding up as the leaders of the market.

The share of mobile gambling

Mobile gambling is growing steadily. It has shown an increase from 51% to 55% since 17% and doesn’t show any signs of stopping.

Given the fact that more powerful smartphones are appearing every year, gamblers will switch to phones more often.

This has already caused major changes in how developers are making games. Modern-day slots look more like your typical mobile game with stunning graphics and animation. This makes sure people are happy with gambling on their mobile devices.

AR/VR, the wild card

Even though there are a couple of VR games, like NetEnt’s Gonzo’s quest, they’re not widely popular just yet.

With the rise of affordable VR headsets, the situation can turn in favor of the medium. The most interesting thing about this trend is that it’s unpredictable.

The thing is, nobody knows for sure what the future holds in terms of new developments. VR slots can’t be the same as regular slots, as VR begs a more interactive approach.

There may be a new form of gambling developed very soon that will disrupt the industry.

AR is a more understandable driver of a change. It may take a form of the viral success of Pokemon GO and its lookalikes. Maybe in a couple of years, gamblers will be out on the streets searching for free spins with their mobile phone cameras.

The share of problem gambling

The most appealing trend in online gambling is that despite the fact that the gambling revenue is growing, the number of problem gamblers does not.

This figure is at its lowest, only 2% of gamblers cannot control their habits, letting it become an addiction. In some countries, however, this is historically high. In Australia, for instance, 0.5% of the population has a gambling problem.

Despite this, the number is low globally and promises that the industry is going to grow without raising a public health concern.

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Marcelo is an associate editor at The Sports Daily, and has covered the San Diego Chargers for Bleacher Report. He also writes for Sportsdirect Inc.

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