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Sports Betting: How to Choose the Best Online Sportsbooks

The UK has the largest sports betting market in Europe. More than 56% of the betting market in the UK was actually generated online. The early liberalization of UK to gambling, in general, is the main reason why they have more people betting on sports.

Meanwhile, the US sports betting industry is expected to have a revenue of more than $6 billion by the end of 2023. Sports betting actually has 40% of the gambling revenue worldwide. It is expected to continuously increase until 2022.

Now, about 50% of sports bets are made online. Land-based sportsbooks are still around but online bookies are becoming the trend. There are many perks of placing your bets online and it’s just really more convenient to do so.

If you’re into sports and would like to try placing bets on your favorite team or athlete, then looking for the best online bookie might be a challenge. What you should know is that online sportsbooks are never the same.

Online sportsbooks and casinos do have a common ground and that is offering some sort of promotion to lure more users to join their community of punters. However, when you start to compare the promotions that these bookies offer, you’ll immediately notice that they never seem to offer the same thing.

Surely, that will just give you a harder time to choose the best website to place your bets on, but here are a few things you should be looking at. These are some items that should be part of your criteria when it comes to finding the best online sportsbooks.

  • Reputation

The reputation of a bookie doesn’t really have to be perfect but checking multiple reviews from their guests or customers will help a lot. What you should be looking for are how well the bookies honor the wagers that are placed.

The timeliness of the payouts is also very important. Speaking of payouts, all transactions you make on their websites should be secured. Check the license of the bookie. If they have a license, it means that they follow the rules and regulations set for them to operate.

  • Ease of Access

The last thing you want is to have a hard time maneuvering through a website. Before you hit the join or sign-up button, play around the website first. Check the different pages they have and assess whether they made navigation easy for their guests.

If you’re a mobile user, check if the website is compatible and accessible through your mobile browser. You should also check if they have an app available for you to download. In fact, if you only want to use your phone for this, it’s best to choose bookies that already have a downloadable app.

  • Bonuses

It would be great to have at least three sportsbooks to check out when you’re trying to decide on this. It’s true that any bonus or promotion may already sound appealing but comparing the promotions that they all offer lets you have a better chance of scoring a better deal.

The best bonus and promotion will really depend on your preferences. Some bookies only offer sign-up bonuses, while others are more focused on their VIPs. If you think that you’ll be placing bets for the whole season, then go for bookies who always seem to have something for their frequent bettors.

  • Deposit and Withdrawal Details

Convenience is important here. In the first place, it’s most likely why you want to place your bet online. Check the banking methods that a bookie has. Typically, you can use debit or credit cards like VISA, MasterCard, American Express, etc., to deposit an amount to your online account.

If you’re not comfortable using your card, there are also bookies that have third-party payment solutions provider that can help you out.

Aside from the banking methods, you should also check the requirements for you to be able to redeem your payouts. Some bookies may require a minimum amount of winnings before you can get your money.

  • Customer Service

The need for support from a customer service representative doesn’t always mean that something negative has happened. Excellent customer service reflects how trustworthy and reputable a bookie is.

Whether you simply need help to navigate through their website or you have a question about your bets, their representative should be able to help you. A good way to check on this is to also read different reviews online.

It’s best to choose a bookie that offers support in the most convenient way for you. Some bookies offer support through chat, email, and by giving them a call. However, some bookies can only be reached by sending them an email.

About Marcelo Villa

Marcelo is an associate editor at The Sports Daily, and has covered the San Diego Chargers for Bleacher Report. He also writes for Sportsdirect Inc.

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