What Is Kratom & Where Should You Buy It?

What Is Kratom & Where Should You Buy It?


What Is Kratom & Where Should You Buy It?


Kratom is one of the most in-demand products in the world. Although its legality remains a puzzle, the substance has created shockwaves in several countries—including the United States of America. In fact, Kratom users are creating a strong movement—and some of them are advocating for its legalization. Initially, it was used for medicinal purposes in some Asian countries. However, the western countries, as well as the US, are quickly embracing it.

Benefits of Kratom

Kratom can help you lift your mood, fight depression, ease anxiety, alleviate physical pain, solve insomnia, make you happy, and boost body energy. Other benefits of Kratom include:

  • Delivering a euphoric high
  • Fighting drug dependency
  • Fighting alcoholism

Buying Kratom Online: The Factors to Consider

Dot just buy any Kratom product. Remember, there are hundreds of suppliers online. Thus, getting a genuine Kratom can be a challenge. Of course, Kratom has been around for years now. Its use has tremendously gained popularity. So, the next time you plan to start a Kratom journey, here are things you should consider:

Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is extremely important when it comes to any online-based product—including Kratom. With customer feedback, you are able to know what other customers are saying about that brand. Remember, there are hundreds of vendors online. So, paying attention to what other customers are saying is important. Customer feedback will tell you if past customers were satisfied. They will also give you a clear picture of their product offering.

With customer feedback, you are able to authenticate the credibility of that particular vendor. So, go online. Read past customer reviews. Go to online forums. Read what other customers are saying about that brand. This will give you a clear picture of what to expect when it comes to purchasing your Kratom products from a particular brand. Even more, you can request a vendor to test the sample before trying it.

Wholesale Purchasing

Look for a vendor who offers discounts on wholesale purchases. With wholesale purchases, you are able to get the best prices and even receive huge discounts. So, the next time you go shopping for your Kratom products, consider going for wholesale purchases. They are cost-effective—giving you an option to save hundreds of dollars on your Kratom purchases.


When purchasing your Kratom online, nothing takes center stage quite like licensing. A brand that’s licensed gives you the confidence to purchase your products without any worries. Plus, licensing means that their products have been tested and are genuine.


Don’t just buy any Kratom product. Go for quality ones. Buy Kratom online in style. After all, you are spending your money on these products. So, ensure you get quality products. Watch out on cheat Kratom products. Remember, cheap can be extremely expensive. From the side effects to losing lots of money—going for cheap, low-quality Kratom products can be extremely disastrous.

Spend your money wisely. Purchase high-quality Kratom. Here are a few guidelines to help you purchase high-quality Kratom products.

  • Proper harvesting and drying of Kratom—ensure that the vendor harvests the right leaves and uses the right methods to dry Kratom
  • Freshness—Ensure that the vendor harvests and dries Kratom in a timely manner. Also, the packaging should be quick.
  • Sourcing—ensure that the vendor imports directly. Dot purchase from a vendor who buys from third parties.
  • Money back guarantees—a good vendor must offer a money back guarantee. This gives you the confidence that what you are buying is of high quality.

Range Of Kratom Strains

Variety is an important aspect when it comes to purchasing your Kratom products online. Plus, a genuine vendor should provide a variety of Kratom strains—making it easy to get one that suits your explicit needs. So, check out if the vendor offers different strains. Even more, offering different strains means that the vendor understands everything to do with Kratom.

Powder Is Everything

Get Kratom in its pure form. So, go for power. Remember, the purest Kratom is always in the form of powder. So, don’t go to a vendor who sells you Kratom in capsule form. Only go for Kratom that’s in powder form.

Cheap Can Be Expensive

Usually, cheap can be very expensive. Of course, there are those vendors who offer discounts—making their products relatively cheaper. However, if you come across a vendor with extremely cheap prices on Kratom products, think twice. Remember, manufacturing Kratom is an expensive ordeal. This makes the prices of Kratom products relatively high. So, if you come across cheap products, investigate. The quality might be poor.

Past Users

Seek the opinion of people who have used Kratom before. For instance, you can go to forums, communities, as well as Facebook groups. Ask them about the strains. With this strategy, you are able to get the first-hand experience when it comes to buying Kratom online.


Is Kratom legal in your country? Therefore, before purchasing your Kratom product online, consider its legality in your country. Remember, many countries still consider Kratom as an illegal product. So, if you are found using it, you might be subject to a legal lawsuit.


Before purchasing your Kratom products form a particular brand, visit the website. Do they have any form of exaggerations? Do they provide genuine information? A good vendor should provide valid details and not exaggerate its product offering.


Ask the vendor about their shipping policy. Do they ship for free or you’ll be responsible for all shipping charges? Transact with a vendor who’ll ship your products for free.

Refund policy

Refund policy is another key factor that you should consider when purchasing your Kratom online. So, ask for the vendor’s refund policy. With refund policy, you will get your money back in case the consignment doesn’t reach your end. Plus, you will be refunded if the product shipment is wrong. Refund policy also takes care of wrong packaging, quality, etc.

Variety of Strains

Kratom is available in different strains. Each strain has its own effect. So, when selecting a Kratom vendor, go for one that has a strain that meets your explicit needs. Ask them for samples in advance before making your purchases.

Customer Satisfaction

You are spending your money. So, you should get premium customer satisfaction. No customer will want to deal with a vendor with poor customer satisfaction. From handling customer queries to processing new orders—customer satisfaction is key when making your Kratom purchase online. Read online reviews. You will get a clear picture concerning that vendor you are about to deal with. Know what past customers are saying.

Other Factors

Other factors to consider before purchasing a Kratom product online include:

    • Payment methods—the payment methods that the vendor accepts
    • Manufacturing practices—how that vendor does manufacture its products
  • Packaging
  • Strains Available

Spotting Rogue Online Kratom Vendors

The Kratom market is booming—giving room for different vendors to pitch their products online. This makes it hard to get the best, high-quality Kratom online. However, with relevant information, you can secure a good deal. Here are things to help you spot a bod Kratom vendor online.

Dodgy Reviews

If the Kratom vendor has fake reviews, then stay away. Spotting fake reviews is easy. Watch out on exaggerated reviews. Don’t rely on over-pimped YouTube reviews. Remember, these vendors can pay people to push as genuine customers in the name of getting more customers.

No Guarantees

If the vendor doesn’t offer any guarantee through incentives like money back guarantee, then stay away from that vendor. A good vendor should offer good guarantees. They should show verifications concerning product source.

Fake Deals and Low Pricing

Don’t be lured by low pricing. Normally, Kratom passes through expensive manufacturing processes. Therefore, the price of Kratom products is relatively high. So, don’t let a vendor lure you with fake deals or low prices. Low prices mean that they are selling low-quality or fake Kratom.

Top Online Kratom Vendors

The Following are some of the best Kratom vendors in the world.

Coastline Kratom

As a top Kratom vendor in the world, Coastline Kratom operates from the US and offers a myriad of genuine products. With Coastline Kratom, you have a partner who suppliers mature, dried-based Kratom products. If you are purchasing your products from Coastlines, expect to receive a shipment without many issues. They deliver their products to most parts of the US plus other parts of the world. However, you must purchase products of more than $75 worth of products to qualify for the free shipment incentive.  The company supplies all its products in powder form. This means that all products from this brand are genuine and pure. Some of their customized products include:

  • Beginner’s Pack and Malay Kratom
  • White Kratom and Green Kratom Pack
  • Ultra Enhanced and Red Kratom Pack
  • Maeng Da Kratom

With Coastline Kratom, you have a supplier who understands the power of quality. All their products are tested and certified as safe. The best part; they accept almost all credit cards as well as E-checks. If you are buying from a different country, you can count on Coastline since they do international deliveries. It’s also important to note that Coastline doesn’t ship their products to countries that haven’t legalized Kratom. So, be sure to check with your country before making any purchases.


As a dependable Kratom Vendor, Purkratom boasts itself with some of the best products on the market today. Purkratom offers incredibly high-quality Kratom products. Their products have been tested and certified—making it one of the brands you should consider when purchasing your products online. The best bit: they only manufacture their products from the finest leaves—making their Kratom powder and capsules the best when it comes to quality. Still more, they have a wide range of strains—including:

  • Red Vein and Red Maeng DA
  • Premium Bali Kratom and Yellow Vein Powder

You can access their strain on their websites. They conduct their business in a transparent manner—making them reliable Kratom sources you can count on for high-quality products. This explains why their products have received good ratings from past customers. Based in the US, Purkratom offers informative details regarding the use of Kratom such as strains and possible effects. It’s also important to note that Purkratom has reasonable pricing—just to ensure you get the most affordable products. The brand can ship Kratom products both locally and internationally. The best part: they have strict money back guarantee.

Kraken Kratom

Founded in 2015, Kraken Kratom is quickly establishing itself as a leader when it comes to Kratom retailing. As a reputable online Kratom vendor, Kraken Kratom offers a range of high-quality products at reasonable prices. The company follows a strict same-day-delivery—making it one of the most reliable brands you can count on for all your Kratom needs.

Yet more, Kraken Kratom has incredible promotional offers as well as discounts. Thus, you can leverage these incentives to get affordable Kratom products. The company ships both locally and internationally—provided that Kratom is legal in your country. Besides bitcoins, Kraken Kratom accepts all major payment methods in the USA.


As one of the oldest Kratom suppliers, Phytoextrctum brings a lot of experience in this industry. The vendor supplies high-quality products—which explains why the company has managed to maintain a loyal customer base.

Phytoextrctum houses a credible Kratom variety that comes in different flavors. Besides capsules, Phytoextrctum also suppliers powder—giving customers diverse options when it comes to choosing a product that suits their explicit needs.

It’s also important to note that Phytoextrctum’s products are shipped free of charge. They also have a strict same-day-shipment policy. Other great benefits of purchasing your products from Phytoextrctum include:

  • Money back guarantee
  • Great customer experience
  • Easily navigable website

The Bottom-Line

Kratom is quickly finding its space in the online market. Plus, more countries are embracing its products—especially when it comes to its health benefits. But, before purchasing your Kratom online, you need to familiarize yourself with key facts. So, if you are new to the Kratom world, the above are the tips and basics to guide you get the best Kratom product online.

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