Best Vegan BCAA for Weight Loss

Best Vegan BCAA for Weight Loss


Best Vegan BCAA for Weight Loss


Great Vegan BCAAs are hard to come by. In a world where finding vegan restaurants is difficult enough, the supplement industry doesn’t always cater their best brands to our market.

For vegans to maximize their weight loss, getting a BCAA in can seriously make a difference. It helps keep normalize insulin and metabolic rates to signal fat loss. They also keep you building lean muscle through proteins, something that’s hard to do on a plant-based diet.

But in order for us to understand what the best vegan BCAA for weight loss is, we have to understand weight loss first.

What is weight loss?

Weight loss is a general term used for dropping pounds, irrespective of where those pounds come from. Weight loss can occur from losing muscle, water weight, bone mass, fat mass, or a combination. When most people think weight loss, however, they’re actually talking about fat loss – the removal of stored subcutaneous and visceral stored fat.

In order for this to happen, an enzyme called lipase mobilizes the triglycerides from fat cells in to the bloodstream. Beta-oxidation breaks down these fats to produce energy when called upon. BUT – that only happens in certain situations, usually with low insulin levels, such as a fasted state or with low blood sugar. In contrast, in cases of high blood sugar, this glucose actually gets converted to fat, reversing the process and making it tougher to lose weight.

How is weight loss different for vegans?

Weight loss is hard for everyone. By decreasing your caloric intake, your body preserves fat because insulin levels are low, thyroid hormones are low, and metabolic rate is slower.

Amino acids can help manage insulin levels, but many vegan protein sources lack a full amino acid profile. While animal products contain complete proteins, plant-based foods only contain a portion of the essential amino acids. Often those foods are carb-dominant, adding spare glucose in your bloodstream, and in turn, favoring carbohydrate metabolism instead of fat loss.

Does that mean it’s impossible? No, of course not. Following a plant-based diet facilitates weight loss in many ways by focusing on raw, nutrient-dense foods. And you can definitely get all amino acids from your meals See here for a list of foods chock-full of great protein for vegans.

Still, taking vegan BCAAs can help around your workouts.

How BCAAs can help

Branched-chain amino acids, or leucine, isoleucine, and valine, are metabolized primarily within the muscle – the same place ATP is generated. Therefore, it’s thought that they play a role in providing energy for your workouts. Taking BCAAs is a great no-calorie way to get an energy boost to maximize effort during training.

They also stimulate insulin-like growth factor-1, a hormone that triggers anabolic processes to build lean muscle. Their role in managing blood sugar levels helps limit insulin resistance, a phenomenon commonly concurrent with weight gain.

Finally, taking BCAAs around a workout can reduce muscle soreness. Anyone is wont to feel lethargic after working out multiple days in a row, a common requirement for weight loss. Multiple studies show that BCAAs protect against muscle damage and subjectively decrease post-workout muscle soreness.

The Best Vegan BCAA for weight loss

Vegans need direct access to their nutrients for weight loss. While most supplements are synthetically-derived, one vegan BCAA manages to grow its micronutrients within single-cell organisms – Performance Lab BCAA.

Their trademark method of Biogenesis raises the bioavailability of Performance Lab BCAA. Your cells recognize it as real food, and therefore uptake nutrients as if they were from real protein sources. Therefore, they’ve somehow created biologically identical amino acids to complete animal sources, without ever touching an animal. And this BCAA works for weight loss. It’s the best of both worlds for weight-conscious vegans.

Their BCAA formula targets leucine, the primary amino acid required for protein synthesis. It brings valine and isoleucine along to mitigate insulin levels and improve intra-workout energy. Finally, all three combine to promote muscle recovery.

Where can I find the best vegan BCAA for weight loss?

Performance Lab BCAA can only be purchased online at Performance Lab’s website:

You can get a few weeks’ supply and try it for just $25. But realistically – you’ll need it for longer, as true weight loss takes time. Luckily for you, the price per unit goes down the more you purchase.


Every weight loss journey has its ups and downs…

Vegans have an extra challenge getting enough protein while limiting caloric intake. Taking a BCAA around your workout can not only improve energy, but increase your daily amino acid intake for general health and muscle tone.

Performance Lab BCAAs use non-GMO, vegan, caffeine-free, biologically-equivalent ingredients to formulate the best vegan BCAA for weight loss – try it for yourself.

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